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About Me

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Hello, thank you for checking me out on ChickenStarRocket!

I’m Claudia or Sunny SideUp as I like to be called online– the Creator/Game Developer/Illustrator/Artist/Blogger of ChickenStarRocket which is a Blog dedicated to people looking for some bright, inviting, entertaining, genuine content in a nerdy sense!

Is your blog for me? Well, are you…

  • A nerdy person who wants a sense of camaraderie in talking about video games, anime, TV shows, movies, etc.
  • A murder mystery enthusiast who wants to get to the bottom of whodunit no matter how hard the puzzles maybe.
  • A person into growth, recognizing that as we age, we change (this blog is one big tribute to my growth in a way).
  • Bookworms who want to find friends through their favorite literature (and maybe want to read some original works).

This is what ChickenStarRocket is all about!

Who am I?

I am a student in her 20’s and Blogger that currently lives in Arizona studying Informatics (Applied Computer Science) with a concentration in Game Development.

Upon starting college, I was a mechanical engineering major. At my university, they call us Gear Heads and I didn’t think it would be more literal than figurative. I have always been an intelligent, creative individual. Feeling like I didn’t have a creative outlet weighed heavily upon me. Hence ChickenStarRocket’s birth.

I have realized over my college career that if you aren’t meant to do something, you’ll know. Paths, people, etc have a way of sorting themselves out. You just have to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep trying to find that right path. (It helps tremendously if you have encouraging, positive forces in your life).

Is blogging hard?

I feel like I learn more and more every single day. In a word: no.

Have you always been nerdy?

Short answer: yes. Though at first I wasn’t confident in who I was and none of my family is nerdy which has been interesting.

What the heck is ChickenStarRocket?

Growing up in Arizona, swimming in pools in the summer is a must learned skill. Start them young, and do it every summer. That is not how I got my name but it is a nice add on.

The short story comes from a funny story between my friend and I. It brings me great joy to this day and it’s the kind of joy I’d like to pass on to others.

In short, ChickenStarRocket is:

  • A blog about all things nerdy.
  • A Shop with art prints, future works, and my game development projects!

I hope we can be friends or, as I call my followers, peeps. Consider checking out some of my content (my first post for instance) or subscribing to my mailing list. It’ll be fun.