2020 A Year For Growth


So 2020 happened. I don’t know about you, but around March my goals for 2020 went out the window. One goal I didn’t mention in last year’s goal set was to get an internship and that…didn’t happen. However, I think like most people, we made the best that we could of 2020, all the while looking forward to whatever 2021 would bring (and hoping it would be good).

ChickenStarRocket 2020 successes:

2020 was pretty awesome, all things considered. Heinous to say, I know, but making content for y’all makes me happy and this year saw some new kinds of content that I genuinely enjoyed making. Please understand, I’m not trying to negate the well, negative of 2020 but I would like to take a minute and reflect on the positives and the “almosts”.

Content wins:

For example, I wrote my first finished work, “The Adventures of Will & Kat” a story about a princess and her faithful (albeit dramatic) companion. I mention this is in the dedication & author’s note but this is the first story I have finished that wasn’t too dark/gritty.

(Shoutout to my grandma who likes to ask me if I’m ever going to finish a story I started in ~early high school and wrote ~30 pages for but was kind of sad. Also to my sister who found a thumb drive filled with my old junior high works and wants to show them at my wedding).

I made MurderMystery2020. Although its initial launch date wasn’t all that successful, (thank you to those who did purchase MurderMystery2020!) I was satisfied with how it turned out. I started making it at about the right time to allow for playtesting and I was able to try some new stuff that turned out great. There are things I probably will try not to do again but no project is truly perfect.

Halloween costumes of 2020 were awesome. I had my mom photograph me and then I took those photos and photoshopped backgrounds so I would be “in” the environment the character was from. Y’all seemed to like it so I will continue to do stuff like that.

Bloggy backside wins:

Speaking of, I officially have a Gumroad store and it is awesome. Not going to lie, when I couldn’t find an internship for the summer, it made me concerned for my life after college. I do graduate this year (or at least, I’m supposed to), after all. The switch from student to adult is exciting but a little daunting, not going to lie. That being said, having the ability to make money, making things y’all would enjoy, makes me feel better about it. I also have a Linktree which lets me bypass Instagram’s annoying one link in the bio rule. That, and I have a consistent avatar for social media that I made in Photoshop. I love Sunny, my old mascot but I like my new one too.

2020 Sunny with OG Sunny

bloggy backside wins…?

I switched to a different mailing list website this year and learned the software and it was great for a while. Then I had issue after issue and I feel bad that I was at some point in 2020 paying for a service that where I was not allowed to deliver emails because my stats didn’t meet their expectations. So I’m not sure if I will switch to a different one yet but I would be lying if it didn’t cause some serious grief for me as a small blogger, doing her best. So I’m sorry if you are subscribed and haven’t been able to receive the content promised.

Personal 2020 wins:

Last year, I wanted to read 5 books, learn how to make 3 new recipes to add to my rotation, wake up with my first alarm instead of my third, and have better posture.

book wins?

This year, as evident by my lack of books for #nanowrimo, was bleak in terms of reading books. I started off the year reading “A Heart Like His” by Beth Moore then took a break from it for a bit. Then I finished it and started reading “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis. Both of which are amazing reads even if you aren’t of Christian faith. I wasn’t sure if y’all would want to read my thoughts on these books or not (let me know below).

That, and this year, I found myself not having a lot of time to read. Especially when school was in session for the fall semester. I did notice that I read more Line Webtoons (not sponsored but could be) because they are short episodes that I can either binge-read or read through quickly. Plus the art on a lot of them is *stunning*. I did a post about it in November.

recipe wins for 2020:

I did learn new recipes to add to my rotation. I learned how to make hard-boiled eggs in my instant pot which means egg salad in ~10 minutes. Drunken noodles are so much easier to make than you think and it’s so yummy. Ratatouille, chili, Pazookie, and chia pudding probably tie for third. That or egg casserole. One new fact I have learned about myself is that I hate waking up and making breakfast. I’m already not awake and I have to make myself breakfast too? Coffee is an effort, breakfast is pushing it. That’s why I like chia pudding, egg salad, and egg casserole. You can make them the night before (or enough for the week) and it’s so much easier.

alarms/posture wins for 2020

As for waking up with my first, not third alarm, I did get better at that even though this past fall semester has been (I think) the most exhausting semester of my college career. I just drank more coffee and didn’t really sleep.

Lastly, my posture has been the same, if not worse this year than in other past years. I would like to blame the 18+ hours spent at my desk. I have an ergonomic chair/desk setup, but I am terrible at taking breaks because I would rather push to get something done. (It’s the achiever/activator combo in me–first to show up, last to leave).

My hopes for 2021:

As I said, this year has been *interesting*, but I have hope for the future and that no matter what happens, it’ll ultimately be ok.

bloggy goals/things to look forward to in 2021:

  • MurderMystery2021 which won’t be the title but it will be a continuation of the story I’m trying to tell
  • A Dating sim coming out in February (hopefully)
  • An Instagram based choose your own adventure (so if you don’t follow me, you should)
  • More content for my Cosmic Peeps. I know that section is lacking and I’m sorry. My last content for you was on July 8th and before that was March 11th. That’s a long time without content specifically for you. Do not worry, I have some stuff just for you coming soon.
  • Possibly another short story that’s similar to my first but longer and about pirates >:)
  • I want to start making CSR snap/Insta stickers! I think it would be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Personal goals for 2021:

  • get an internship by the summer of 2021
  • take a 5-minute walk outside every day

Final thoughts:

Thank you for reading my ChickenStarRocket, the Year That Was, & the Year that Will Be (Goals for 2021), I appreciate it. Comment below what your goals for 2021 are or if you are waiting to see if 2021 will be like 2020 first. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want to see my goals from 2020, click here.

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