2019: the Year that Was, Ready for 2020

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Hello people, who may or may not like my announcements, this is for you. Check out my New Year’s resolutions for the year 2019!

A Look back on 2019

Happy New Year! 2019 has been full of many blessings and growth. I switched my major in January of last year which began a new journey for me and I started this blog officially in February. I participated in my first hackathon that was not game development based–even though my team did do a video game-based project but more on that later. Soon, I plan on sharing my experience at the hackathon, I promise. I had two final projects for the end of the semester that are pretty interesting that I plan on blogging about too. One of them is called Learn Bot. The other is called Your Majesty which is a website I made talking about relationships and general health targeted towards middle school/high school girls. Learn Bot will have one post dedicated to it but Your Majesty will have several as it is a whole website. There’s also the murder mystery that came out on Halloween–which there will be a post mortem coming soon.

This year, the blog went from having 0 mailing subscribers to ~40 to–at the time of writing this– 312 mailing subscribers. I can’t believe it. Thank you, I’m thankful for each and every one of you.

Do you have any 2020 New Year’s resolutions?

Blog Goals:

  • Make another murder mystery for my subscriber mailing list and finish it by Halloween.
  • Continue to post weekly content every Wednesday.
  • Try out some new kinds of content and see if y’all would like something new. If you have something specific you’d like me to try, let me know. I promise I have ideas but I’m definitely open to suggestions.

Personal Goals:

  • Read 5 books this year
  • Learn how to make 3 new recipes to add to my rotation of meals that I can meal prep
  • Wake up with my first alarm instead of my third
  • Have better posture

Thank you for reading through my goals for 2020. Comment below your New Year’s resolutions.

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