Army Of Thieves: Heists In The Zombie Apocalypse

Hey, y’all today I’m talking about Netflix’s Army of Thieves. This is a sequel movie but you don’t have to watch it to enjoy this though

Quick Summary~

Several years ago there was this really famous safe maker and he made three impossible-to-crack safes. Soon they will be decommissioned but before that, an Army of Thieves is going to break into them. You have the hacker, the pickpocket, the action hero, and the getaway driver. All they are missing is the safe hacker, enter our protagonist. Also, the zombie apocalypse is going on. More info here. Unfortunately, the safe maker isn’t a real person.

Comments while watching Army of Thieves

  • I love aesthetic already
  • 3rd time’s the charm
  • It’s go time baby
  • Why does everyone else get a cool name
  • Part of me thinks this is a set up 
  • C o m e d y
  • And then she was gone
  • Aww he spilt his coffee 
  • The movie said this 3 min ago
  • Routine sir, you have a routine 
  • Of course you will
  • Why are we having a zombie apocalypse in the background  of this movie 
  • Why are you going towards the obvious zombie girl 
  • Ah good it was a predictable dream sequence 
  • Kitties!
  • No he’s a nerd
  • Hi you were at the competition?
  • Thank you Brad Pitt + Nick Cage 
  • How meta of you 

Ramping up difficulty for suspense 

  • Foreshadowing 
  • I’d be excited too
  • Personal vendetta 
  • Ah so our protag is a replacement 
  • He doesn’t like you like that 
  • Called it 
  • And bc they have similar passions they’ll go together 
  • Cmon dude it’s go time
  • The animations of the safe interiors are beautiful 
  • You need to go 
  • Right through the shoulder 
  • I thought they’d leave him behind
  • Idk if someone would think that irl
  • So far the most unbelievable part is how much cardio this guy can do without dying
  • That was more intense than it needed to be 
  • I’m detecting a semi-abusive relationship here

Taking Sides

  • Rolph, why did you side with alexis
  • 🤣🤣🤣 oh man 
  • Sensitive about your chest hair
  • You didn’t tell him you were using him
  • Here’s a secret: sometimes people want to feel needed
  • Criminals shouldn’t have YouTube channels 
  • Maybe interpol will actually pronounce his full name 
  • Totally a ploy 
  • Jazz is such a fun genre 
  • Anime husbando background 
  • Poor Zac Effron 
  • Careful, you need your hands 
  • Please tell her and us about Siegfried 
  • It wasn’t really a double cross 
  • Isn’t that violating the Geneva convention 
  • No he’s gonna kill em
  • He did it
  • You’re giving brad time to show up 
  • Good effort bad execution 
  • I would say no Rolph

Vendetta over

  • Predictable kiss is predictable 
  • Well this was unexpected 
  • This is not up for debate Sebastian 
  • But where will you hide during the zombie apocalypse 
  • If you got a new team and bust out your friends 

Final Thoughts on Army of Thieves

Thank you for reading Army of Thieves, I appreciate it. Comment below who you would have sided with. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie review, click here.

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