Avatar: The Last Airbender Power Of Forgiveness

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Small confession: I had never seen Avatar show before 2020. It was not a part of my childhood like some of y’all’s. Going into it I knew a couple of things, mainly that Sakka’s girlfriend would be a moon and Zuko would get a redemption arc. That being said, I don’t think it really diminished my watching experience. 

Avatar Season 1:

Season 1 was a great start to the series. I like how it introduces you to a bunch of recurring characters even if it’s a whole season before you see them again. It made me feel kinda like Steven Universe where there weren’t a lot of if any, throw-away characters. It’s a nice feeling and makes the filler episodes… less like filler episodes. Even in this first season, I saw lots of character development in katara especially. Her struggle between the head of the northern water tribe? Beautiful in contrast with the girl in the first episode. Zuko too. I thought he was going to join the Aang gang in season 2 but I also liked that he didn’t. It was nice all around. Bumi and Iroh were my two favorite characters in this season. 

Avatar Season 2:

Season 2 was a great middle chapter but also very satisfying in its own right. I really liked the Sherlock Holmesesque evidence search and then the avatar showing up and confirming what actually happened. Peak comedy. Follow this up with Toph’s intro episode? Fantastic. (She’s another one of my favorites for her sense of humor and general bada##ery). I really liked Zuko’s continued development in this season, as some anime like to give arcs to some and stagnant the rest. I liked the build-up of the last few episodes as it sets up season 3 beautifully. It’s like good, good, good, then all these specific bad things are revealed that you don’t think would happen but are kinda excited to see how it’ll all play out. One thing I wasn’t expecting was Zuko’s betrayal. He was so close to being a good guy but then no. 

Avatar Season 3:

Season 3 started off interestingly. It was weird to see them on a fire nation ship, Aang with longer hair, and new outfits. I really liked the costume change (katara’s was probably my favorite). I liked Sokka’s development and him gaining more confidence in himself (to me it would have been cool if Toph grabbed his sword coz she could have space earth bent it but whatevs). The beach episode was weird where all the “villains” talked about their trauma. It felt unsettling for some reason and maybe a little forced. Zuko’s actual redemption ark is my favorite. He owns up to his mistakes and he goes from haughty prince to someone of humility and it’s beautiful. I liked that he offered to be taken prisoner and I thought the gang would take him up on it. Aang and Zuko learning the art of true fire bending together was beautiful.

Final Thoughts:

One thing I admire this show for doing is encouraging Aang and subsequently, the viewer is to try to look at every outcome to tackle your solution as it might not be obvious. I loved how the fire lord wasn’t killed, I’m thankful Aang didn’t have to sacrifice his value of life for the good of mankind. I think the owl said it best when he was asking them if they think they were the first to try to justify the means to an end. It’s a great lesson for people to learn. There’s so much you could take out of this show.

Overall, not a bad show. Thank you for reading my take on “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite bending style. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here

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