Baccano! A Chaotic Mafia Presentation But Fun

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Hello people, who may or may not like jazzy theme songs, this review is for you. Check out my take on Baccano!


Have you ever taken a bunch of ribbons, put them in a box together, shake the box up so that there were a bunch of knots and all the ribbons were now one big mess, and tried to take it all apart to find the center? Baccano! is just like that. They took the way most stories are told and turned it on its head and it’s refreshing to see a story told this way. The more episodes you watch the more it makes sense so if you saw the first episode and thought, “Man what the hell are people talking about? This anime is so confusing how can it be a good show?” Trust me and watch a few more episodes. I like to list what I like vs don’t like in bullet format since I think it’s easier to read. Just so you know there’s lots of murder in the show, so might not want to show this to your kids.

I think the trailer summarizes it quite well.

What I liked about Bacano:

  • The opening song and music in general
  • How the story was told is different
  • The ships
  • There is no clear protagonist
  • The suspense
  • The ending
  • Issac and Miria are adorkable idiots
  • The comedy
  • The mafia groups
  • Eve
  • Ennis
  • This show makes you like terrible people and root for them

What I wish was different:

  • If you wait a few days between watching each episode you might forget who is who

Overall, I give this one a 10/10. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else I disliked about this anime. Thank you for reading my take on Baccano!, I appreciate it. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here.

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