Batman The Killing Joke: A Dark, Famous Enigma

batman the killing joke

It’s the month of Halloween and what better time to cover a superhero movie than Halloween. Fun fact: this is the second superhero movie I have covered. 😀 Let’s dive into Batman The Killing Joke!

Batgirl, our POV character

Why are you covering this movie?

I thought it’d be fun, I’ve seen Heath Ledger in the Batman movies. A few years ago, I went through a phase where I would watch snippets of the animated series on YouTube because I loved Harley Quinn and Robin as a character (mostly Jason Todd but also the robins before and after). If you’re thinking this will be light and fluffy, it’s not. Proceed with caution.

Quick Summary!

Killing Joke follows Batgirl becoming more and more frustrated with Batman as her partner in crime. Their current case involves tracking down a villain obsessed with her in a creepy way. He gets arrested, Batgirl is forced to give up her vigilante identity but not before making love to Batman on a rooftop. Meanwhile, strange things are happening, the Joker has broken out of Arkham asylum and looking to change the Batman-Joker dynamic. Joker kidnaps James Gordon, Batgirl’s dad after paralyzing and assaulting her, then humiliates him attempting to break his sanity. Batman comes to the rescue, fighting off Joker’s new posse and the movie ends with a joke and Batman laughing. It is unclear if Joker or Batman killed the other. The comic it is based on offers no insight on Batman The Killing Joke. This is my attempt at a more PG-13 summary, here is the Wiki.

Comments while watching The Killing Joke

  • Catwoman is that you? Nm 
  • Ooo mob bosses
  • Is this after Robin’s death? Where in the timeline is this?
  • Man has the hots for batgirl
  • A scavenger hunt how thoughtful 
  • Are you really not going to tell anyone you went
  • Whyyyy did you do that
  • Batman why would you sleep with someone so (presumably) younger than you 
  • Casually assaults guy because of your personal issues 
  • Batman your apathy may be your undoing
  • Thorn in your side
  • So narrator leaves as protag not even halfway through the story
  • Ooo would that be laughing gas victims?
  • Thank you for the close up on the face
  • Would that be Harley quin
  • I love the shadows were of a skull
  • Joker backstory…. hmmm
  • I wouldn’t shake his hand 
  • Horrifying 
  • Ummm also yikes
  • You’re right, nothing will be the same but not for the reason you think 
  • Court jokes
  • Joker has a point. Batman isn’t necessarily a good person even though he brings down worse people 
  • This musical number is pretty good 
  • That’s MESSED up Joker 
  • A+ voice acting
  • Creepy doll heads
  • You gonna finish the joke?
  • Wait so did joker kill you or did you kill the joker
  • Green mask? Greenhood? I don’t get it

Final Thoughts:

Thank you, Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, and Tara Strong for voicing my childhood. My theory, one that the internet seems to share, is the title of the movie is a pun. If the answer is Batman died, bad conquered good but the Joker would probably no longer see the point in living. With all the mafia and corruption in Gotham, it would still be a long road for good to triumph overall. With Batman dead, I could see other vigilantes rising up. If Joker died, good conquered evil, but the Joker’s point of Batman playing above the law would be true and a power vacuum would ensue. Earlier it is said that Batman has been close to the edge between good and evil but didn’t cross which could have been foreshadowing. Joker made a similar comment that it only takes one bad day to make a good guy into a bad guy. Joker is shown to use lethal laughing gas as his primary weapon in the movie, and with Batman being a stoic character, I think Joker is dead. The police will be arresting an insane Batman.

Thank you for reading “Batman The Killing Joke: A Dark, Famous Enigma”, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite Batman character is or how you think the ending went down. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here.

Harley Quinn Dancing GIF by DC
Harley Quinn Dancing GIF by DC
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