Benji: The Classic Loveable Stray Dog Movie

When I was a kid, Benji was top-tier entertainment. Imagine my surprise when Netflix released a sixth Benji movie. So I had to watch it.

Quick Summary~


Benji is a cute puppy who was separated from his family by the pound. Flash-forward and he’s an adult stray. He gets pseudo-adopted by two siblings who lost their dad and really just want to buy back their dad’s watch as a surprise for their mom. Mom is struggling with bills and being a single parent and definitely doesn’t want a dog. Unfortunately, the kids get kidnapped during a jewelry heist because they saw the bad guys’ faces. Now it’s a rescue mission between Benji, mom, and a random cop.

Comments while watching


  • Blumhouse makes children’s films?
  • Oh no not the pound
  • Poor baby separated from his family 
  • Long walk 
  • Apparently he’s a 100% mutt 
  • Good hiding spot
  • Classic bully in a kids movie 
  • Hi big puppy 
  • Disappeared without a trace
  • He can still smell you 
  • Wants to be followed 
  • Don’t worry Benji is very good at getting around 

There are other ways to fight back 

  • 🤣🤣
  • He was helping you 
  • He does put it away
  • That dumpster would have to be empty
  • Don’t be rude
  • Fox pillow
  • Classic benji bath scene 
  • Suspicious 
  • How’d mom not notice anything that happened 
  • He’s so sweet 
  • 🙏🙏

Poor mom

  •  Bills
  • Good boy
  • He’s already been abandoned once. Don’t do this
  • I wish there was a scene where mom was like oh i thought i left on that light 
  • I wasn’t expecting this song
  • Poor abandoned pup
  • Oof he was trying to protect them 🥺
  • Now you’ve done it
  • So this turns into benji helping mom rescue thr kids
  • Why would you care about the dog

Good thing they have strawberries 

  • On the hunt 
  • You’re bold frankie 
  • I mean yes but no
  • That’s not how that works 
  • So off
  • He actually can’t. He’s a bullied nerd he knows how this game works 
  • Half Blind pup
  • Dumb move for you maybe 
  • What i love about benji movies is you can tell the inner monologue 
  • You’re telling me you didn’t even try to break yourself out 

Do you know what I want to see? Benji as an ex-service dog 

  • They moved the kids 😭
  • The factory dummy
  • C’mon you’re a paramedic you’ve probably seen service dogs use those signals 
  • Guess you’re on your own 
  • Yikes for mom
  • Benji patiently waiting for mom
  • Time to convince big pup to come help
  • Aw he’s scared


  • That doesn’t mean he can just break protocol. If you want these guys to go away, you gotta follow protocol 
  • Don’t worry frankie you’re a kid in a kid movie, you’ll be fine
  • Yes because benji tried to show you and you didn’t listen 
  • Finally the adults are catching up 
  • Don’t worry just have to grt rid of rottie 
  • Haha sucker 
  • Big pup says calm down

You aren’t going to try to be better than your brother? 

  • Wow cops talk to perp trope
  • No you have to read him his rights
  • Titus why are you the worst
  • Yesss finally 
  • Nooo it’s the benji almost dies trope but he actually won’t 
  • You know what would be more convenient? If mom was a vet
  • See he’s alive. You can’t fool me movie
  • Ok but are you going to adolt her? She’s very cute
  • No he’s down for all of that
  • Are they on a dog date? It’s the benji girlfriend trope and he won her over by bringing her food!

Final Thoughts

Originally I was going to cover all of the Benji movies but I ran out of time so let me know if you want me to do it! Thank you for reading my take on Benji, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite version of Benji. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want to watch something similar, click here. I’ll see you in the next post!

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