Blood Of Zeus: Let’s Have another Titan War!

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So, I was a huge Percy Jackson fan back in middle school and high school and before the start of the year, I fell in love with Critical Role. When I found out Matthew Mercer was in Blood of Zeus as Hermes, I had to watch it.

Quick Summary of Blood of Zeus~

So a few years ago, Zeus pulled a classic Zeus with a mortal that was already married. She gave birth to twins, one from each father. Because of her infidelity, Zeus protected her and whisked her away. One child grew up to be the outcast/main character as the blood of Zeus, the other grew up to be one of the antagonists of this show with a masterful use of irony. Hera was, understandably, enraged and decides to destroy her husband, starting a new titan war and dividing the pantheon into team Zeus and team Hera.

Comments by Episode for Blood of Zeus:


  • Hi I’m going to take liberties with folklore 
  • He lost his mind!
  • Sick catch bro
  • They look corrupted 
  • Epic music does it contain the “Dires Irae“?
  • The eyes are so piercing 
  • Feeling strong Les Mis vibes
  • Hey, isn’t that in Final Fantasy? 
  • 🌟Something happened that dramatically changed my life check🌟
  • Immune to slashing damage from non-magical items
  • Straight and to the point
  • So is this going to be like Percy Jackson 
  • Ew gross
  • Cmon mom, tell him he’s a demigod 
  • Ooo old man = Zeus…surprise


  • Twins
  • Eagle = Zeus so yep demigod. At least we are kinda keeping to the lore of Zeus’s inability to keep his hands to himself 
  • Blue roses = mystery or attaining the impossible 
  • Zeus, you couldn’t have chosen a different form from the start? 
  • Hera also checks out lore-wise
  • You really going to attack a god
  • Can’t wait to find out broseph is not dead (probably)
  • Pretty sword
  • Secret messages 
  • I mean to be fair, you are mortal and Hera’s immortal 
  • Cerberus is that you?
  • Yikes
  • Looks like you’ll need to use that sword


  • Zeus vs Hera would be a great fight
  • Matthew Mercer is here at last (critter reporting for duty)
  • That was hurtful Hera
  • You tore your own head off ouch
  • I thought you weren’t supposed to help
  • JERK
  • Time to get your sword
  • Please kill him
  • Thanks for wiping blood on the camera
  • So if she trained with Chiron, does that mean she’s a demigod too
  • Clocked
  • Goodbye mom


  • Ngl you look like Apollo or Hermes
  • Are we going to see Hades and Persephone 
  • Chiron you are so spooky 
  • This kinda sounds like The Gentleman’s voice
  • That was very lion king of you 
  • Oh? 
  • Noble of you to care for a kid not your own
  • Wow
  • Good shot
  • Poor bears
  • No wonder you’re ruthless 
  • Ow
  • Does that really make it all Zeus’s fault 
  • Not really hard to guess why she has issues with Zeus


  • Demon pirates 
  • Ah a trap
  • Ah sweet symbolism 
  • Get some training from these guys they seem like cool gym bros
  • Golden fleece
  • Hera why do you want this
  • Conveniently forgetting to mention he’s your brother 
  • Is this going to be like The Sword in the Stone? Guess not
  • Oh the fighting is so fluid
  • “Sorry guys, that was target practice”


  • Zeus, you’re helping too much
  • Dude use your powers on Zeus, bada bing bada boom
  • Do you give all your songs flying steeds
  • Oh dang, it’s the whole Parthenon. 
  • What’s up, little bro? How goes it? 
  • As if he doesn’t have other bastard sons
  • I don’t believe you but ok
  • I like how Dionysus has a blush because he’s drunk
  • Only a fool would trust you Zeus
  • We yeet a bunch of heavy stuff at you
  • Really missing a training montage ft Danny DeVito right about now
  • Hi Hephaestus 
  • Is it common to bring demigod children up to train or hangout 
  • Dude don’t you have kids that are actually gods
  • Is this Chiron making amends
  • Nice
  • Good hades should be neutral. 
  • Blood of Zeus has the fates but no hades? PREPOSTEROUS 
  • I hate spiders
  • Wouldn’t this be choosing a side Fates
  • Depends on your choice boy-o
  • So your life for their lives? Interesting 


  • Ironic if that’s how it goes 
  • Both brothers feel like they are being used by the ultimate power couple
  • So he kills his uncle, then what? Hera’s partially right, vengeance doesn’t bring peace
  • Is that from Orpheus and Eurydice 
  • You’ve got a lonesome road to walk🎶
  • Who scythe-wielding 
  • Just walk hand in hand 
  • You dead, you broke the rules 
  • Keep on walking and don’t look back 🎶
  • Wow emotional trauma for a character we don’t know anything about 
  • Considered weak for killing a child? Dude, I’d rather be weak 
  • Oof, do you feel validated now after decimating the guy who tried to kill you as a child 
  • Good thing your weapon of choice is a long-distance one
  • Thanks for not killing any of the main cast
  • Have fun with Poseidon, Apollo
  • Do you not think it would be guarded
  • Hera wants to watch the world burn
  • Thanks, Matt for sucker-punching Hera
  • Can you fight the war without Zeus and survive? It took all of you last time


  • I don’t think they want to talk 
  • Is this a game to you?
  • Poseidon are you ok with Hera handing over your domain like that
  • Heron’s gonna die
  • He’s still mortal 
  • You have robots but you still use catapults? 
  • Aww Hephaestus is so thoughtful 
  • Which one did you sell
  • I love the black armor
  • Your fury knows no bounds, does it?
  • Don’t you need the key to use the cauldron
  • Wink
  • Don’t kill Kofi
  • The steeds really got some of the worst deaths
  • Goodbye brother 
  • Oh buddy you look like a hot mess 
  • He should be dead
  • Oh hey it’s mom’s necklace 
  • So Hera as much as you say Zeus didn’t love you, he did give his life for you
  • So what happens now? Are you the new Zeus since you have lightning powers? 
  • Can we please stop with the Hades-is-evil trope? I’m tired of seeing it

Final Thoughts on Blood of Zeus

This was pretty good. If Netflix continues the series, it’ll be interesting to see where they take it. I like Hera’s intensity, it’s different from most interpretations I’ve seen in a good way. With the way, they characterized Zeus, makes it hard to relate to her as a character though. Kofi and Evios are intriguing in the we’re-bad guys-trying-to-atone-for-our-past kind of characters. Alexia is compelling in her relationship with Chiron and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it reminded me of Camp Half-blood.

Thank you for reading “Netflix’s Blood Of Zeus: Let’s Have another Titan War!”, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite version of the trope–Grease, High School Musical, etc. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie review, click here.

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