Bridgerton: Quarantine’s Historical Romance Takeover Show

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Romance, ballgowns, and drama. No wonder Bridgerton became so popular during quarantine, come see what I have to say about it 😉

Bridgerton GIF by NETFLIX
Bridgerton GIF by NETFLIX

Quick Summary of Bridgerton~

During dating season all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are here looking for a future spouse. Daphne Bridgerton is the primrose of the season, complete with royalty blessings. Meanwhile, Simon Basset takes the title of biggest catch since he’s completely determined to remain a bachelor all his days. The two strike a mutually beneficial deal where they pretend to be in love. But who knows, it may work better than they think…

Meanwhile, Lady Whistledown seems to know everything about everyone. However, no one seems to know a thing about her. Consequently, best friends Eloise and Penelope are on the case. Although, Penelope may have her own issues since she’s an eligible bachelorette. If that weren’t enough her family is undergoing scandal from multiple directions.

Another subplot is Mariana. Although she was supposed to participate in the dating season, her pregnancy may cost her future and potential love. Will she prevail?

Comments while watching Bridgerton

First Episode~

  • Firstly, rivals and the protags
  • I wasn’t expecting to see that
  • Mom calling you out sir
  • The puppies 😍
  • She couldn’t breathe so she passed out. 
  • This is a cool-looking intro but I dislike intros, they tend to contain spoilers. 
  • Bet
  • I love the regency dresses
  • Enter another rival and another beau
  • Someone may hear us but y’all are breaking things 
  • I think you missed her point sir. 
  • Pretty embellishments
  • Would you not be allowed to dance if someone didn’t ask you? 
  • They’re all staring, mother. Aw shucks
  • Overprotective brother  
  • Yes, let the girl have the chance to dance
  • Shade
  • Ah yes, the eldest brother who isn’t married?
  • Girls like you🤣🤣
  • It’s probably because of protective older brother 
  • Girl be crushing and I’m here for it
  • She’s not wrong
  • Gee, I wonder who will win her heart
  • Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match🎶
  • What happened to you, are you ok?
  • Rivals to lovers🤣🤣
  • No one will make your sister happy in your eye
  • Yes mom, call him out. Older bro needs to accept his responsibilities 
  • What did you do before he was your bed friend?
  • I, on the other hand, like the pink dress, it’s cute
  • RUDE
  • Aww, they’re so cute
  • Sorry ladies, he has daddy issues. (this isn’t a commentary on abuse victims, but a commentary on one of the conflicts of the show).
  • This reminds me of Tangled 
  • Pregnant. I hope this show isn’t going in the direction I think 
  • He’s not wrong
  • Fake relationship trope. I’m here for it

Second Episode~

  • Time skip?
  • Balls, flowers, and 5 min in a drawing room 🤣🤣
  • If mistresses are a thing then how do you not know how that works 
  • No, you have not so shut your face 
  • Yikes no wonder you have daddy issues 
  • So why doesn’t he marry you
  • Can you please hurry up the engagement-queen
  • Monochrome is awesome
  • She is pretty intimidating 
  • Don’t worry, he will be 
  • Allow me to help you get rid of your brother
  • Look at them dance, how cute
  • Yea, how’s your shiner?
  • No, because you don’t listen to her
  • Yes don’t question her honor sir, they haven’t done anything. Unless of course, you’d like another shiner
  • Shouldn’t have mentioned dad
  • He never opened your letters🙃
  • Just let her go hang out with her friend
  • I’m with her on that one. She told you she didn’t want to marry Nigel, you kept pressing. Did you stop and wonder why she might not want to marry someone you deem worthy of your sister?

Cuff buttoning = intimacy

  • Good thing you are a master in love and deception or this wouldn’t work
  • If you’ve fallen for her, you might want to change your tactics duke
  • Oh no, scandal
  • 🎶its the 10 duel commandments🎶
  • Duke, will you duel for her honor?
  • Theme music🤣🤣
  • Is she doing crack
  • Tattle on his mother? 
  • Your son is a pedo
  • Are you using the housemaids to get dirt on Nigel?
  • Ah yes the power of speech can bring down an empire 
  • This is why you don’t mess with someone’s child, they will ruin you
  • Rude
  • Yes, call her out Eloise
  • Aww, he abandoned his monochrome
  • Please call me by my name because I have indeed fallen for you and now must convince you of my intentions 
  • Dale Carnegie knew that one’s name is the sweetest sound one can hear. It’s funny to see it play out like this. 
  • Let’s find you a husband, jokes on you, it’s me. -duke
  • Sorry I don’t like watching her dance with other men. -duke
  • That’s why you won’t marry. Welp, we still have a few episodes 

Third Episode~

  • Dream sequence 
  • Aww, you’re happy
  • Congrats you’re falling for each other
  • I hope they go somewhere with Sir George, I hope he doesn’t die. 
  • I mean Daphne isn’t wrong, duke hasn’t proposed 
  • He has no plans
  • Is this showing off?
  • Ah yes, mother in law living with you and not her husband, makes sense
  • I love this game
  • Can I borrow your bestie for a second
  • Ah sorry, I haven’t quite decided if I’m in love with your sister yet. -duke 
  • Sibling bonding time
  • Both helpless in making warm milk
  • Yes you would know something about that
  • Ooo shade
  • It was funny 
  • Sorry she’s distracted 
  • I feel that

Hands touch, eyes meet🎶

  • A big show🤣🤣
  • How nice you decided to not be with another girl because you yearn for Daphne
  • Her heart is spoken for but the queen is right
  • Unfortunately, she’s right because if there’s no commitment, the responsibility isn’t yours. 
  • Maybe you should have kept her in the dark if we are in a culture where the state of her purity equates to the state of her family. Just saying
  • Yes, call him out. 
  • I’m more interested in the secret identity of the writer now
  • You don’t mean what you say either
  • Yes call him out
  • He doesn’t want the responsibility 
  • Not pulling the wool over mom’s eyes
  • Much like your college friend, you run from your problems
  • Operation: make him jealous 
  • Should have proposed even though this show can only end one way

Fourth Episode~

  • Oof
  • I love their honesty
  • He fancies her that’s why
  • What if you already have met her
  • A+ for the accent
  • Don’t look at her like that when you told her you weren’t interested 
  • Prince is actually a quality dude by the show’s standards
  • Aww, artist to artist talk. See? He found it funny. 
  • He’s jealous 
  • Liar
  • Aww, character development 
  • Oh, you’re owning up to it all
  • Your friendship was real
  • No hard feelings bro. -daphne
  • Dating would suck. Same dating pool every season
  • Colin, come back I like you.-pen
  • Sorry, I’m having a hard time talking about my future because I’m still in love with my ex. -Daphne 
  • Call him out Daphne 
  • Brother coming in clutch
  • 🎶it’s the ten duel commandments 🎶
  • Not now lady
  • Just tell her you like him
  • No, I care about the identity of the writer
  • Might as well
  • You have no other friends. Of course, he’s your second 
  • 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ older bro frustrates me
  • Ah, a twist. Thank you for not doing what I thought you would do 
  • Interrupt the duel? 
  • If you die, your name dies with you and your promise to your father is intact
  • *plows them over with a horse*

Fifth Episode~

  • You’re so indecisive 
  • Yes, his future matches yours. 
  • If this is how it goes, why are there 3 episodes, and why does neither of them seem happy
  • Yes get rid of him
  • Mom doesn’t care, there are no dowries
  • I mean Cressida isn’t wrong 
  • What do you mean? You have given up on your marriage 
  • This is why we have 3 more episodes 
  • Yea, your drunkenness will uncover your secret
  • Poor Penelope
  • Aww, that would be hard 
  • He would smell bad
  • Aww, look a snapshot of a happy family
  • Oh you’re going to be very honest rn
  • His eyes are what gets me. I get he’s intimidating but I miss the tender soft gazes from past episodes 
  • The dream is coming true
  • Apologize to each other 
  • Clueless boy
  • If you’re not supposed to be alone, leave!
  • Colin is a good man
  • You left your wine glass
  • Are we going to have a wedding night scene? I’m not here for it 
  • Everyone has a scandal
  • Aw, I appreciate the resolution 
  • Didn’t you learn anything from your married friends 
  • Oh, boy confessions followed by things I’m not old enough to watch. Skip!
  • Glad you kids had fun

Sixth Episode~

  • Wow it looks like a cathedral
  • What will they think? Who cares! You’re married 
  • I mean maybe since the younger bro is getting married, the eldest bro will follow suit
  • Married couple jokes🤣🤣🤣
  • Knows how to motivate 
  • She doesn’t like the new duchess 
  • They’re adorable
  • Get a room🤣
  • Don’t think I didn’t catch a Taylor Swift song playing while they are doing things I’m not watching because one I’m too young and two I’m taking notes. I’m not that fast of a typer.
  • Aw, bonding time
  • Mom’s not happy
  • See, she’s a good duchess and would make a good mom
  • And if you do have children?
  • You sound like you didn’t warm-up
  • Yes, it is, they think it’s too fast of an engagement, and they’re right.
  • Work mode engaged 
  • I hope Penelope finds happiness. 
  • Yikes
  • Ah so we are going to try to get her pregnant 
  • She’s right but I don’t think it was cool to take advantage of her newfound knowledge 
  • Ok I want to know who you are so bad

Seventh Episode~

  • And now we’re fighting. 
  • This is all so petty
  • Does everyone forget daphne’s recent successful marriage
  • Will is my favorite 
  • Oh, we’re doing that fantasy now. Skip!
  • Yikes
  • Bridgertons feel hurt the most by lies and deception 
  • Is mom going to talk sense into these two
  • No, you should talk to your mom
  • Definitely not projecting. 
  • Yes, please don’t feed his gambling habit
  • Please get out of his house
  • Lively, vivacious I love it
  • Good thing you have your dowry 
  • Stay away from her
  • Ooo calling him out
  • Fight p2
  • Is this kiss and make up 
  • All because of his daddy issues 
  • Oooooo 
  • Yikes
  • Why does everyone care about what the mystery writer says
  • Character development 
  • Bro looking out for his sister 
  • The gears are turning, dear brother 
  • Poison? 
  • Yikes forever

Eighth Episode~

  • Love requires forgiveness 
  • So he did die
  • Idk which would be better 
  • So we’re learning communication is key to relationships 
  • Especially with your fake French accent 
  • More daddy issues
  • How about instead of being stupid you become a better man than your father ever was
  • Do you feel guilty because you are no longer with child
  • whyyyyyyyy
  • Eldest bro is my least favorite, he can’t commit to anyone but exceedingly judgmental of everyone else 

turn around

  • Will is the best. He recognized his anger is at someone else. 
  • “Friendship”
  • Family bonding time
  • Wow you’re finally maybe committing to something 
  • Ah yes, the flirtation is back
  • Aww, supportive sisters
  • You should tell him because he’s blind
  • Pen tell someone 
  • So if we get a season 2 will you be participating? 
  • Kiss and make-up?
  • Indeed, almost like love requires humility at times
  • Agreed love is a choice!
  • Hippity hoppity
  • Yea let the couple kiss and makeup
  • He finally apologized 
  • Oh the words he longed to hear his whole life
  • Oh no
  • So what happens to the ladies if they can’t make a living and have no money
  • Makes sense, Penelope doesn’t have much else to do
  • Aww, potato baby
  • Thank you for adopting her family traditions

Final Thoughts on Bridgerton

Although I’m never a huge fan of watching drama or romance, Bridgerton is pretty good. If the romance or drama was annoying, I could focus on watching the mystery unfold.

Thank you for reading “Bridgerton: Quarantine’s Fantasy Romance Takeover Show”, I appreciate it. Comment below who your favorite character is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another romance, click here.

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