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Hey, y’all, today I’m talking about Cardcaptor Sakura, a cute anime on Netflix. Slight spoilers ahead but be sure to check it out here!

The plots:

For the show, there are three plots that happen all at once and every episode contributes to at least one of these plots.

  1. Plot one is the “card plot” which is Sakura collecting all the Clow cards in season 1 and transforming them in season 2.
  2. Plot two is the “mom plot”, which are the episodes that deal with the aftermath of Sakura’s mom dying and her side of the family ostracizing Sakura, Touya, and her dad because they didn’t approve of dad and mom’s marriage. (Mom is dead before the events of the show).
  3. Plot three is the “romance plot” that starts with Sakura in love with her brother Touya’s best friend Yukito but evolves into several love triangles. Sakura herself is the center of many love triangles.

One great thing about this show is that there are no filler episodes.

Is Sakura a kid’s show?

Short answer: it could be.

Longer answer: there are a few darker episodes that would make it better for older kids but not younger ones. Episodes in the mom plot can be a little sad and in the card plot, there’s a card called shot that has the power to shoot at a target when triggered. By accident, a girl buys it hoping to shoot her fiancee/cousin/thing with a cupid’s arrow type of deal so that he’ll fall in love with her forever but then it turns into a child shooting at another child on top of a school rooftop….yikes. That’s episode 28, so maybe skip that one. There’s also episode 40 which features the dream card and Sakura’s dream is a little spooky for a kid’s show.

I have comments…

  • Kero would jack up the electric bill so much with all the video games he plays and movies he watches all day long.
  • Watch this show with the subtitles on, there is some verbal censoring in this show for things I don’t want to spoil.
  • The reoccurring dream reminds me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where there are ~6 episodes in a row with the same start and it’s equally annoying.
  • I like how the Dash card was found injured/startled in season 1 and in season 2 it becomes panicked. It was a nice callback
  • This is the only show I’ve seen that does an Alice in Wonderland episode that actually has meaning and I loved it.
  • I like the different kinds of love explored in this show. You can have feelings for someone and realize you aren’t in love with them or the exact opposite can happen.
  • Sakura not asking a lot of questions is annoying and seems to only be for plot convenience.
  • I would have been angrier at Kero for keeping things from Sakura in season 2 as it is the second time he does it.
  • The romantic plot has the cheesiest ending ever.
  • Li is a good guy
    • He tells Meiling it’s not her fault the cakes didn’t turn out and I appreciate it
    • When he tells Meiling he never thought she was in the way is a cute moment
    • He supports Sakura when she realizes she doesn’t actually have a crush on Yukito.
    • He decided not to admit feelings right away because Sakura wasn’t over her revelation for Yukito.

I have questions…

This show is pretty good. It’s funny and cute but there are some questions I have regarding the show.

  1. How did the book get in the basement in the first place?
  2. Why is there a big wing motif in this show? Kero, Yue, Sakura, her phone, and her staff all have wings.
  3. Is there a reason why so many characters decide not to include Sakura in important conversations? They don’t tell her about the final judgment, or Yue potentially disappearing, or if they know her secret, or Mizuki’s history with Touya. There seems to be no reason for it.
  4. Why not emphasize which cards are under the jurisdiction of the sun and moon if it has a great impact on the final battle in season 1?
  5. Why are all these elementary school kids so thirsty?

Final Thoughts on Sakura:

Romance plot:

I barely touched on the romance plot and I feel bad about that. At a certain point, Li, Tomoyo, Touya, Yukito, and Sakura are all in love triangles/squares/pentagrams? Here, I made a diagram:

Do you see how this could be complicated to explain?

So any scene with some of these characters becomes hilarious as some of them start blushing really hard and if they know they are rivals, inspires competition. Meiling and Sakura’s relationship is complex (hence why it’s not in the diagram) but by the end of the show, I genuinely like it.


Honestly, this show is not bad at all. It was something nice and light and uplifting to watch during the quarantine. As a long-time Miraculous Ladybug fan, I can see how this show could have inspired it. I miss the cleanup effect of Miraculous Ladybug though. This show has more variety in costumes though so…

Anyway, thank you so much for reading all of this, I appreciate it. Comment below what card superpower you’d like to have, if you want more subscribe to my mailing list for more bright, inviting, entertaining, genuine content, and if you want more ridiculous comedy romance, check out this review. See you in the next post!

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