Demon Slayer: Protect My Sister At All Costs

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Happy week of Halloween, may it be filled with candy, costumes, and good times. Today, I’m covering Demon Slayer episodes 1-26, a perfect fit for an evening of spooks!

Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer GIF by Crunchyroll
Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer GIF by Crunchyroll

Quick Summary of Demon Slayer:

Overnight, Tanjirou lost almost his entire family to man-eating demons. His sister was transformed into a demon. Since demons die in sunlight, Tanjirou carries his sister in a box on his back. She has never tasted human blood and has a strong desire to protect humans. After being told the only way to turn his sister back into a human is to become a demon hunter, he sets off for intense training and missions. Together, they make friends, fight enemies, each time getting closer to finding answers.

Comments while watching each episode of Demon Slayer:


  • Distressed anime boy is determined to save his sister
  • In this flashback, why does he sound condescending 
  • Yep this will be sad when his family dies
  • Ominous words dude
  • Creepy exposition followed by more ominous words  = dead family 
  • 🎶She’s a maneater makes you work hard🎶
  • Is this guy the Sasuke of the series


  • Oh boy another murder!
  • Punt his head off🤣🤣
  • Is this going by twilight logic where you have to set it on fire after chopping the head off?
  • Kindness isn’t a weakness 
  • It’s the cursed red flowers from promised Neverland


  • Exposition ~
  • What does she do all day?
  • Ohh she’s comatose. Convenient. I wonder if it’s because she’s hungry.
  • Spirit trainers

Ep 4

  • What is this opening thread smell stuff? Sounds fake
  • Not wisteria flowers… 
  • I hate the twins 🙃 creepy as heck
  • Does he get to see dead people? Why is this The Shining?
  • Sorry about the mask, dude
  • If wisteria keeps demons away why doesn’t everyone plant it
  • How about you slice his belly


  • Ooo flashback 
  • Aww friends
  • 5 survivors are considered a good number? Yikes
  • Aww proud dad
  • Is anything swordsmith said gonna be significant 


  • Natural armor + cool sword color you must be the protagonist 
  • She also has a gag in her mouth which would make talking hard
  • Ooo a puddle demon 
  • Pretty sure they are dead
  • Being inside the box would absolutely suck
  • Gross, you keep collectibles from your victims
  • Did you record the good vacuum crackling sounds to get his growls
  • Ok but if she ever finds out the truth won’t that be bad?


  • What are you doing in my swamp?
  • Just a kid but I promise he knows 
  • Determination 
  • The crow’s voice is funny but annoying Idk what to tell you 
  • Your sister is sleeping, she doesn’t care
  • Easy to get lost in the city
  • You are one to talk with your demon sister 


  • Make a demon as a distraction? Clever. 
  • A demon doctor? It’s Carlisle from twilight 
  • Dude that’s just gross
  • Not mad he broke the bowl but that you wasted food🤣🤣
  • Absolutely sibling love of “you can’t treat my sister that way” 
  • If you want them to be friends does that mean you’ll die soon?
  • Very specific answer


  • Y’all are going to need a new lab
  • Ooo this a fun power
  • New form unlocked!


  • Yes pet the demon boy
  • Ewwww
  • What do you think is going to happen 
  • Nezuko is so cute 
  • Don’t leave her
  • That city is still infested with demons…
  • Oh hey it’s a survivor


  • Cute sparrow 
  • You can’t be weak if you were one of five survivors 
  • Bros for life now, I don’t make the rules
  • Strong sense of smell, strong sense of hearing. Are we collecting demon slayers of the 5 senses?
  • They don’t give them any healing abilities. How sad.
  • Good idea, leave the sister
  • Zenitzuo is soo annoying 
  • You are one to talk
  • Yesss call him out
  • Ohhh noooo


  • I guess you could say he’s boar headed
  • You have a sword, use it
  • Is this split personality? Seems to be. 😭😭😭 Yikes on the stereotypical representation of DID.
  • Comforting older bro TM

Ep13: Half way through demon slayer

  • Wow 
  • Affirming words before his death? Very cool
  • Of course, he’s a cat person 
  • Wow he may actually be quality…maybe not
  • The world must be very noisy for you 


  • Omg it’s the Naruto of this series
  • No, I think he’s doing it on purpose so helps out
  • This is just comedy


  • She can and will kick your butt 
  • More comedy
  • No, you’re annoying 
  • Make like harry potter and follow the spiders
  • Aww 
  • Oh cool we’re going to have to find our friends 
  • We can’t wait for you to decide to do the right thing 
  • She’s not helpless you idiot
  • Have you tried looking up?
  • Convenient tracking powers


  • Poor girl
  • Why is she so afraid
  • That’s messed up
  • It won’t matter because soon you’ll be dead
  • Poor spider mom


  • Anything you can do, I can do better 🎶
  • Creepy
  • Ewww
  • What happens if he kills you before that happens 
  • It turned you into a protag
  • Pikachuuuuu
  • He has so much potential but he holds himself back 
  • He’s scary 


  • She looks like she has wings and flying 
  • Did you squish him like a bug
  • What if he’s not one of the 12?
  • Oh goodness 
  • 2 vs 1 isn’t fair
  • Hopefully, you get help before daddy dearest kills you 
  • Your adrenaline must be incredible
  • Ewwww


  • They are going to need new swords
  • Oof
  • A true sadist
  • Do they just think you won’t run into the 12? Why aren’t you trained more?
  • You are the protag, you can’t die 
  • That was sooo cool


  • Time for cardiac arrest 
  • Oww
  • Did you eat her face? Gross
  • Where do you hide from the sun on this mountain 
  • I love butterfly girl. Oh nm. She is pretty cool though
  • No that was 100% for the audience 


  • Yikes
  • Are you not going to get some of his blood?
  • You would make a great grave cleric
  • Why tie up someone who isn’t resisting 


  • Ah yes can’t have a demon slayer hanging out with a demon
  • Does he really need to be restrained?
  • Is that ‘splodey boy from BNHA (Bakugou)
  • Get recked scrubs
  • Isn’t this cruel?


  • I love her
  • Also COMEDY
  • He doesn’t stop I’m sorry
  • Can’t wait to watch you potentially die, Akame Ga Kill style


  • Comedic timing
  • Physical therapy is everyone’s least favorite 
  • Why are you so weird
  • Ok butterfly lady is cool


  • I think that is one of the worst ways to wake up
  • She knows just what buttons to push 🤣
  • Poor Kanao
  • Poor swordsmiths
  • Aw he won
  • Scary


  • So there are upper and lower ranks
  • Yikes
  • Your arrogance will be your undoing 
  • You creep me out 
  • You would be class rep wouldn’t you 
  • What a wholesome boy
  • Aww he’s cute
  • Aww idiots on a train

Final Thoughts on Demon Slayer:

I can’t wait for a new season. Yes, Demon Slayer has a weird premise and wacky characters but this isn’t my first rodeo for anime.

Thank you for reading “Demon Slayer: Protect My Sister At All Costs”, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite character is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here.

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