Don Bluth’s Anastasia: Once Upon A Childhood, Now on Disney Plus

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At long last, Anastasia is starting to get the love and appreciation it deserves. Join me as I revisit this movie for the first time in a long time.

once upon a december GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
once upon a december GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Why are you covering Anastasia?

Summer reminds me of youth and makes me feel nostalgic for things I used to do as a kid. I was also on a princess kick and love this movie to bits and pieces. I thought it’d also be a good transition from thieves to next week’s show that contains murder. Anastasia contains both–or at least references to both.

Quick Summary~

So Rumor in St. Petersburg summarizes the basic premise so well, so here you go.

So there’s a rumor there’s a survivor of the royal family and these two are going to turn in a girl who will fake being the girl. Spoilers for a movie that’s 23 years old as of writing this, Anya is the princess and Demetri and her fall in love. I would be doing this movie a disservice if I didn’t mention the villain. Thankfully, Tik Tok has made him vaguely familiar to us all through a trend. Although, I can’t personally decide whether my love for the villain song from Anastasia or the Boney M song is greater.

It is not an exaggeration to say every single song in Anastasia is good.

Comments while watching

Setting the scene…lights…camera…drama!

  • Classic 20th-century fox
  • Grandma narration is a plus, it reminds me of Mrs. Potts (that’s because it is🤣)
  • Ra ra Rasputin 🎶traitor to the Russian king n queen 
  • Wouldn’t grandma be included in Rasputin’s revenge 
  • Don’t let go jack. (She lets go)
  • I like how the lighting changes to darker/muted undertones for the rest movie
  • Time for your musical movie sanctioned dance break
  • The music in this movie slaps👏👏
  • GRAndma, it’s ME Anastasia 🤣🤣
  • I want to know how she settled on the name puka
  • Dusting off the dust and memories 
  • The haunted mansion style dance sequence is so good
  • I think the yellow ghost dress is the best one in the movie
  • Sorry my dog broke into your house 

Fate Collides

  • Exaggerated jaw movement 
  • Ah yes lemme tell you my life story or lack thereof in 2 min of knowing you 
  • I love the consistency in her gloves still being on the floor, better than other movies. 
  • 9 layers Bartok goes through, is this supposed to be a Dante’s Inferno reference? If Rasputin is down under, he’d be in the 9th circle with the traitors but he talks about being in limbo
  • What a good villain. Not complex but so good
  • Bug backup singers haven’t seen another villain do that in recent history 
  • I love how he keeps score 🤣🤣
  • “ATTRACTION? Don’t be ridiculous.”sweet foreshadowing. 
  • Bartok is the best sidekick 😁
  • Way to kill a mood Demetri
  • 3rd person irony
  • No luck with trains better try a boat
  • Vlad: let’s learn to dance so I can push my ship together

Is all lost?

  • “You just went and ruined this whole thing? This whole thing? The whole thing!”
  • I appreciate the map showing us where we’re going
  • The dream sequence is so horrifying
  • So much for being able to sleep through anything 
  • Why couldn’t Puka come?
  • Sophie and Vlad are so cute
  • Man, there are so many cute dresses Anya wears
  • Bad transition Demetri 
  • Is this Cinderella? It issss. 
  • I also fiddle with the pamphlet 
  • They are both waiting for the other to confess
  • This is why you should have been honest with her🤦‍♀️
  • But also Anya, were you really that naive?
  • How do you just jow remember it’s a music box?

Happily Ever After?

  • Everyone in this movie is a sass master
  • Bartok, I don’t think he can die until she does. 
  • I love her PJs 
  • Journey to the past instrumental in the background 
  • C’mon old lady it’s not hard to figure out he fell in love with her 
  • How’d they get her hair like that 
  • Awww Vlad and puka look so cute
  • Light with a dark ceiling because the tension isn’t done yet
  • Light to muted colors because the bad guy is here
  • Muted to dark for tension 
  • How does she not have nightmares of Rasputin 
  • Yes Rasputin made fun of that line delivery 
  • Recalling a line from the beginning because we gotta come full circle 
  • Floofy dress
  • Demetri clocked out for the second time
  • Very cool onscreen villain death 
  • Who decided to have Bartok close? Was it to give in to cliches? To tie up loose ends? Idk but it was an interesting choice for sure. 

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, when I cover something on the blog, I never feel the need or desire to watch or consume the piece of media again which is why I don’t share everything I consume. It’s a little bittersweet. Something about bringing the words to paper (in this case screen), makes it feel more memorable and final. I don’t know the next time I will watch Anastasia again but I implore you if you haven’t seen it, to do so. Yes, the animation is older but has absolutely held up. Also, there’s a musical for Anastasia and it is stunning!

Thank you for reading Don Bluth’s Anastasia: Once Upon A Childhood, Now on Disney Plus, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite Don Bluth film is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie review, click here.

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