Emily in Paris: Fashion and Romance in France

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Since Netflix has plans to bring Emily in Paris a season 2 sooner rather than later, I want to share my view of it with you. 🙂

Red Carpet Handshake GIF by E!
Red Carpet Handshake GIF by E!

Quick Summary~

Emily works in marketing, has a boyfriend, set for a promotion. After her boss finds out she’s pregnant, Emily takes her boss’ place going to their company’s branch in Paris, France. Her boyfriend can’t handle the long distance so they break up and Emily finds herself in a new job, single, with no friends, unable to speak French.

Comments while watching


  • Pregnant
  • Thank you for helping her carry her bags
  • Show title drop
  • Her french isn’t actually that bad
  • You aren’t wrong
  • I think you’re playing into their idea of American stereotypes 
  • So they’ll make it hard for you to make you want to quit
  • Free workout
  • She’s referencing movies
  • Yes we need friends 
  • Not so nice
  • I think you stole that line from eat pray love
  • I don’t like this
  • 🤣🤣🤣


  • I wouldn’t make any promises
  • Ew
  • It’s about feminine vs masculine
  • My 3 years of french classes coming back to haunt me
  • Is this flirting?
  • Slip of the tongue🤣
  • I’d be weirded out
  • Thanks for the tip friend
  • Yea good luck with that
  • Can we go 2 seconds without foreshadowing Emily is going to need a new bf
  • Wow I didn’t think it’d be so soon 
  • Byeee
  • Time to play a game of which man willing become her new lover
  • Good for invaders think military tactics, strategy!
  • The proof her tactics work?


  • I didn’t know that was a thing
  • Yikes
  • Double yikes
  • Thank you for cluing her in
  • Dang
  • Poor Gabriel
  • They are all about relationships 
  • Wait until you learn what a trashcan is called
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Naked to doves🤣🤣
  • Because you’re a pain in the butt?
  • She doesn’t want to invest
  • Aww somebody who doesn’t want to immediately make love
  • Perfect 


  • Another friend?
  • He’s a chef he can get you way better than peanut butter 
  • Castor pans are special
  • That’s another movie
  • Metaphorically and literally 
  • Maybe no?
  • You did kiss…
  • Her specialty 🤣🤣
  • During your dinner meeting, really?
  • I don’t agree with that ideology but ok
  • Ohhh yikes


  • Messy
  • How will she know if you don’t tell her?
  • Baby😍😍
  • Boots made for walking in french
  • Sleep under the starry night 
  • Sure babe keep telling yourself that with all the foreshadowing 
  • Luc🤣🤣
  • Maybe should have gotten the full story
  • You shouldn’t have said anything if you aren’t going to commit 
  • Conundrum 

Ep 6

  • Ah more foreshadowing 
  • You left the country because of cyberbullying 
  • I wouldn’t know the difference 
  • You are kinda basic…not a bad thing 
  • Skip!
  • Yes, Mindy go for it!
  • Beautiful, magnificent!
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Your beau is kinda pretentious 
  • Oof
  • He is a snob
  • And you think you’re a guy who deserves her?
  • Uh yikes
  • You missed her point 
  • Ah that’s why this show feels familiar 
  • I thought she could only leave on her terms


  • Interesting point of view 
  • Uhh
  • Maybe not?
  • Yes!!
  • Loan the money in exchange for marriage?
  • You’ve never seen her movies
  • Yikes
  • There was 0 talking
  • Sylvie coming in clutch
  • I agree with Emily


  • This is about something different 
  • Can y’all chill
  • Maybe sit in the back?
  • She’s setting you up?
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Yes, quarter-turn race!
  • He’s cute and maybe single? 
  • Oh no
  • Yikes
  • Mindy, you’ve got this girl!
  • “Chandelier” is a beautiful but sad song
  • You killed it!
  • They are! Food theory did an episode on this
  • You really just went for it
  • Skip!
  • Yikes
  • Mom is surprisingly cool about that
  • As she sits on your lap?


  • Flashback or ex?
  • Classic American!
  • 10/10 Emily 
  • Oh no relationship issues 
  • Don’t worry, Emily can model
  • She looks beautiful 
  • Wow
  • You still have a girlfriend 
  • Creme brulee is the delicious 
  • Drink and do the do?


  • Oh dang
  • Don’t cancel
  • Poor Luc no one is listening 
  • Season finale drama
  • Work bros coming in clutch
  • From the ashes, she shall rise
  • Her French is much better 
  • With Gabriel moving out she could move into his place 
  • Roommates are fun
  • I don’t understand fashion
  • Yikes
  • There’s still something there monsieur 
  • Well I’m not surprised 
  • Do you know how screwed up that is? You had a girlfriend 
  • That’s been your opinion the entire time 
  • So now you’re in a love triangle 
  • What about Camille?

Final Thoughts

In shows like Emily in Paris, I’m noticing a trend and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. In shows like this, you are encouraged to think Emily should immediately break up with her boyfriend and get with Gabriel. It’s heavily foreshadowed she will do so even though he has a girlfriend. “But it’s fine! We see Sylvie is a mistress to one of the clients of the show.” I’m not here to judge if you think this way, and I’m no expert in love but I don’t agree with this mentality. By cheating on your significant other, you are effectively hurting the ones you love even if you don’t mean to. In a relationship, I don’t think you should have to constantly be wondering if they are cheating on you or jealous of the mistress you know exists.

If you weren’t willing to commit to your girlfriend or spouse, how would you be able to commit to the next relationship? I’m not saying people can’t change but there was no time between Camille and Emily. Emily has seen Sylvie struggle with her and Antoine’s relationship. She isn’t truly happy but at the same time doesn’t want to find someone who will treat her as she deserves (which confuses me). So why would Emily step into a similar situation when she knows she will get hurt?

Frenemies to friends?

Also, Emily may be very American–as pointed out several times by her coworkers–but her methods work. I understand Sylvie doesn’t like Antoine being close to her however, did that warrant threatening to fire her over a mistake? If it were Luc or Julien would she have threatened termination of contract? Honestly, I can see Sylvie and Emily as good friends, however, only one of them makes an effort to extend an olive branch. Hopefully, it will be resolved in season 2. As for Camille and Emily, I could see them still being friends. Camille deserves better.

Sorry if any of that sounded harsh, that’s not my intention 🙂. Here is the link for more details about the release of season 2. Thank you for reading Emily in Paris: Fashion and Romance in France, I appreciate it. Comment below what you think about Emily’s in Paris. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here.

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