Ever After: Another Cinderella Retelling

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I love fairytales, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on Ever After now on Disney Plus.

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Quick Summary~

It’s a Cinderella story. Drew Barrymore is Cinderella in this retelling. In Ever After, the prince and Cinderella meet before the ball and she uses a secret noble alter ego to interact with him. Leonardo Di Vinci is also in this world to act as a mentor and participates in saving the day. One of the step-sisters is actually nice. Other than that, there are not many differences.

Comments while watching Ever After

An Intro

  • I really want to know if he walked in the wrong direction on purpose 
  • So if Grimm brothers are cannon then are we going off of their version? 
  • Hey Grimm brothers, you know that story you ripped off from Perrault? Let’s call you in to tell our own version 
  • Is the little boy going to be the prince?
  • Why does the baroness look like Mrs. Adams? (that’s because it is)
  • Does dad have arthritis? Oh no, he’s dying.
  • Enter drew Barrymore 
  • I didn’t even think he had a different horse
  • They really sold off Maurice to pay taxes….yikes
  • I hope the painting isn’t ruined 
  • Leonardo da Vinci is cannon too? Nice
  • Highness looks unamused
  • Why is he trying to get out of the arranged marriage? Freedom? Once he’s king, won’t he be able to travel as he wishes? Does he have another girl he fancies?

Is this based on the musical

The thing that tipped me off that this is based on a musical
  • Is that a name from the book utopia? Nope, it’s her mom’s name.
  • Oof burn
  • So this is the catholic church, during Henry 8th’s reign?
  • How do you not recognize Danielle? You just saw her this morning
  • Sure, steal Danielle’s dress
  • Why would you lie to her?
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • I’m here for witty banter
  • He wears black, he must be a bad guy
  • Why is there always a mean step sister and a dumb step sister 
  • An actual tender moment tarnished by Stepmother CharacterizationTM
  • Thank God we don’t have a jealous best friend trope
  • I want to know how Henry got kicked out of the church?
  • She’s like sir, I need to go home

The part of the Cinderella movies where the step-family becomes awful

  • Who is stealing 
  • Good thing she got his word
  • You gonna eat her alive?
  • She didn’t come home in her clothes
  • First adaptation I’ve seen where step sister gets punched in the face
  • “You brought this on yourself?” Really? You are also a victim of abuse. 
  • You aren’t going to go further away to throw your tantrum?
  • Da Vinci is the best boy
  • Aw father-son bonding time
  • That’s your idea of a pickup line? 🤣🤣
  • An angel but of course 
  • Dad had no idea what’s going on 
  • I’m ready for da Vinci to talk sense into him
  • Who would know better how to serve a country than an actual servant 
  • Technically none of the other servants let her out
  • You take her and the servants will WALK

And they all lived happily after

  • She sounds like she’s dying I’m sorry 
  • Can’t we have alliances without marriage 
  • Ah yes let’s compare women to horses, that goes well
  • I would love a murder Cinderella retelling that would be cool
  • Dale Carnegie always said someone’s name is the sweetest thing they could hear
  • Ooo this is good. Retribution!! 
  • Oh dang. Not invited to the wedding. Hard labor. Oof. 
  • So, Brothers Grimm gained a new perspective 
  • Subtle twist making it the great great grandmother 

Final Thoughts on Ever After

Thank you for reading Ever After: Another Cinderella Retelling, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite telling of Cinderella. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie thing, click here.

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