Hugo: A Film Lesson Shrowded in Mystery?

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A deceased clockmaker, an orphan, and a toymaker walk into a train station sounds like the beginning of a joke but I promise it’s relevant to Hugo, my topic for today.

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Quick Summary~

Hugo is an orphan living in a train station. The only thing left from his dad is a dysfunctional automaton. Every day, Hugo winds the clocks for the train station and scavenges for parts to fix the bot to reignite his connection to his dad all while avoiding the train inspector. Hugo’s primary target? A toymaker. He gets caught and pays him back through labor. The toymaker takes a peek inside of his notebook, recognizes the bot, and demands to know how he knows about it. Shenanigans, a friendship formed, and half the movie later, it’s revealed the toymaker is revealed to be a great filmmaker from the beginnings of film history itself. The rest of the movie focuses on assuring the toymaker he didn’t waste part of his life film making and Hugo finds a home with the toymaker, the automaton, and faith in innovation restored. (Fun facts here).

Comments while watching Hugo

An Orphan and a Toymaker

  • Is it a GK Film? Ooo
  • All the trains
  • Puppies
  • If you zoom in on people, you make me think they are important 
  • Gears and a notebook 
  • Did you have to be so nosy
  • Dude he told you
  • 🌟property damage🌟
  • Your service dog isn’t doing his job I’m afraid 
  • He just wants to be 🎶out there standing in the sun🎶
  • Brrrr 
  • Dires Irae“?
  • We can hear him say lines but she can’t hear him from outside? 
  • Is this going to be about humane technology?
  • Why’d you lie and say you drew the drawings
  • Goodbye dad
  • The moisture is probably not good for the metal
  • What happens when you grow too large for the ducts
  • There was no reason to do that 
  • Grandpa used to work with your dad
  • Is it montage time? I think it’s montage time.
  • These kids are hungry
  • Are y’all going on a movie date in your hidey-hole
  • 🎶My doggo don’t like you and he likes everyone 🎶
  • Would y’all really trample a child
  • Do you want to be in Les Miserables? 
  • Because you’re siblings? Not sure
  • Ooo chicken scratch code?
  • Riddle of the day: how do a clockmaker and a toymaker know each other?
  • Are these your mom’s parents who blame your dad for her death
  • Beautiful 
  • I forgot the movie happened on the same day

A filmmaker’s worth

  • He’s too busy being miserable to orphan children 
  • This a lovely conversation 🤣🤣🤣
  • Aw 
  • Is this real film history?
  • So the toymaker is a filmmaker? A talented man 
  • It looks like a greenhouse to me
  • Movie magic?
  • We’re going existential!
  • I think you’re going to be thrown in orphan jail
  • Went from being in the rock to on the track
  • Oh it was a dream, thank God 
  • Ok that was a really cool dream sequence
  • I love that you take baths with your dog
  • Awwww
  • Of course, it’s the moon one
  • Delightful 😊😊
  • Why would you want to forget?
  • Awww
  • Get a dog so you can come close to the owner? This is 101 dalmatians 
  • Says he’s dead with a smile on his face 
  • Who do you think winds your clocks
  • You are the worst for no reason 
  • I mean you have basically been taking care of him for awhile 
  • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Engineers: magicians who bring dreams to life is not the take I was expecting but I love it
  • Aw, he fixed the station master prosthetic 

Final Thoughts on Hugo

Thank you for reading “Hugo: A Film Lesson Shrowded in Mystery?”, I appreciate it. Comment below if you’re passionate about film history and know if Hugo matches up. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie by the same director, click here.

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