Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Memes And Legacy Battles

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Hello people, who may or may not like meme culture, this review is for you. Check out my take on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Background and overall impression:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was a lot of hype for what it was. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started, it sure as heck wasn’t this. I started it over winter break and it was a nice way to relax.


Years ago, a man takes in Dio. Big mistake, now Dio wants to take over his bloodline. In order to do so, he uses a mask with supernatural properties to give him immortality. Now, the descendant of the man realizes he is the only one who can battle Dio and his weapons of mass destruction. All the descendants have some form of “Joe”, “Jo”, etc. in their name because this show loves to play up meme potential.

What I liked about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:

  • Caesar
  • Lisa Lisa is a basa## in her own right.
  • Warrior respect should be a hashtag.
  • Caesar vs Wamuu’s fight was so pretty. I loved all the colors.
  • The memes from this show are great.
  • The music is catchy.
  • You know a character is important if they are named after a rock band. For example, Zeppli and Speedwagon.

What I disliked:

  • Dio needed to die and stay dead. Sorry, not sorry.
  • How the show would do random backstories in the middle of a fight. When shows do this it is annoying as heck.
  • The fights were too long.
  • Speedwagon
  • Joseph is a major dumba##. I have a hard time watching dumb characters.
  • The i-know-exactly-what-you-are-going-to-say-next game is annoying
  • The logic in this show
  • The deaths aren’t sad. If you want me to be sad over a character death give me a reason. Give me an attachment.

Overall, Jojo’s bizarre adventure was quite the experience–one could almost say bizarre 😉. I rated it a 7/10. I think this show is one best experienced yourself but I won’t watch the many seasons that follow. Thank you for reading my take on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite Jojo. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here.

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