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What’s the sitch? Today, I’m talking about Kim Possible 😁

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A little background~

Like many late 90’s kids, I grew up on this show. Fun fact: when I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be Kim Possible when I grew up. In my car, I used to keep a Kim Possible CD. She was smart, pretty, and saved the world on a regular basis. However, she was relatable because she had humility and a heart for others. She never hid her double life from her family. Was she perfect? No, but any problem she came across, she overcame. This comparison analysis doesn’t include Stitch in Time because it’s not on Disney Plus.

Comments while watching

Animated Kim Possible

Set up

  • Hi Shego
  • Draken’s teaming up Monkeyfist? (No)
  • Whiplash 
  • 🤣🤣
  • 🌟property damage🌟
  • Definitely not the best time KP
  • Perfect timing Ron
  • Weight capacity reached
  • Is this where the pop version of the theme song comes from? 😍
  • Aww you’re homework 
  • 🤣🤣🤣 
  • Good luck, she’s the best person on your team 
  • How do you pay all these people 
  • “It’s small world” music is torture
  • Prom is NBD. 
  • FACTS Monique 

Villainous Schemes & Romance

  • Villain formalwear 🤣🤣
  • Clumsy
  • Is he going to win accidentally 
  • He’s bluffing about a couple of things 
  • This sounds like brain from Animaniacs
  • Oh man
  • I like her outfit, she looks cute
  • Ah, no
  • I thought they were going to hug
  • He acts like my dad 🤣🤣🤣
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • He does 
  • That wouldn’t be my response to being bit by a strange animal 
  • Just wait, dude
  • They are so cute
  • Montage of Ron figuring out his feelings for Kim 
  • Cooties in the area 🤣🤣
  • Yes 🤣🤣🤣
  • Absolutely not


  • I would be sad about deleting my work
  • I like she called Ron and not her bf
  • Create a Kim Possible double 
  • Ron’s not ok
  • Going back to defeat a monster
  • Aww🥺
  • How did he find them
  • Ron, you are definitely jealous 
  • Aww do it
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • She looks adorable 
  • How’d he dodge that? Definitely suspicious. 
  • Ohhh I think I just figured it out🤣🤣
  • Low intelligence, high wisdom in a nutshell 
  • Essentially have anyone with children hostage. Clever. 
  • No, they noticed a long time ago
  • It would be so expensive to do this
  • Really cool tech 
  • Implies he has Kim Possible statistics on things like how long it takes for her to break in and thwart his plans and I’m here for it.
  • He’ll be fine
  • Yea Wade, give Ron an idiot-proof suit
  • Is this after ninja training because it doesn’t feel like it
  • True friends call you out on your stuff
  • Aww
  • You could have just asked Shego or any other high schooler
  • Creepy
  • Same character flaws, different personalities make compelling relationships 
  • All you gotta do is say my name🎶
  • Yes 😍😍 

Live action Kim Possible

Set Up

  • Thank you for summarizing Kim Possible in 5 seconds
  •  Hi Dementor
  • The first goon fell way too early🤣
  • Perfect Ron introduction 
  • Where is the Kim-unicator? 
  • The scientist has a point
  • Self-aware jokes are my favorite 
  • Not her hairdryer launcher!
  • Why do the action sequences feel lame?
  • Thank you for keeping the original intro song 
  • That’s a great rendition of the possible house
  • I didn’t see breakfast 
  • If you had plenty of time, why run?
  • Unnecessary roll
  • Why does Ron’s voice feel like he’s trying to imitate the original Ron
  • Perfect relationship dynamic introduction 
  • Hi Bonnie
  • Let her be a cheerleader 
  • Barkin? I didn’t recognize your new characterization 
  • Don’t worry, he’ll come around
  • How big is your school? 
  • She’s not puny
  • Everyone would be cheering after several backflips, not everyone can do gymnastics like that. 
  • Wanna bet
  • So unnecessary 
  • Bueno nacho!

Enter Athena, stage left.

  • Is she a plant?
  • That’s a good cosplay
  • Call back to when Ron becomes a mascot?
  • Thank you for the sign changes
  • Where’s Monique? 
  • A reference 
  • I have a feeling you’re a bad guy
  • Is this going to be Athena trying to get in between the BFFs plot?
  • So we’re going with the nerd-needs-makeover-but-surprise-shes-hot-the-entire-time
  • Costume change? Movie magic💫
  • Is Kim developing an inferiority complex? I think she is
  • Or she knows what she’s looking for 
  • Sounds like a project from Kim’s mom and dad
  • Is this where you get Rufus? I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t have him
  • I don’t like this subversion of the naked mole rap. 
  • Yes, enough talk. Time to fight
  • Everyone is afraid of something. 

Kimmie Cub, this is an intervention

  • Dude, grandma brownies are the best
  • Yes grandma, call her out
  • Are you kidding? You had many rivals in the cartoon
  • Oof we’re tackling identity issues now
  • Yes Ron, call her out
  • High passive perception Ron
  • This is what you bust out of jail for?
  • Did you not look where you were running?
  • Kim is not proficient with bow staffs
  • Is it really her fault? There were hundreds of people there
  • Good message
  • I knew it! 
  • Aw another running joke from the cartoon 
  • Dweebs not twins
  • Dad and dweebs reduced to background characters

Final Showdown

  • Drakken’s costume is so on point 👏👏👏 props
  • Villain Instagram…not a fan
  • Ah ha another reference to a show
  • That would have been loud
  • You aren’t wrong Athena
  • Explains so much
  • You know, Athena was also the goddess of battle strategy
  • Ah yes, classic heroes in a cage
  • Good thing they have a drone 
  • Another reference 
  • Dramatic for no reason?
  • Yes we have to take out the adults
  • By that logic, wouldn’t it drain Drakken? 
  • Adorable
  • Good thing I never got attached to this character 
  • To grab a piece of her that still exists so she can always be with you? 
  • Jk this is a kids show
  • Good thing you’re dad is a rocket scientist 
  • So how are you getting back and forth across the school
  • Eww, don’t have Drakken call Shego mother. 


Since I grew up on Kim Possible, I may be biased but the original Kim Possible is the best Kim Possible. In terms of the movies, one is a continuation of the tv show and has a specific placement in that timeline. (I will cover the entirety of the show eventually, promise, just want to finish my degree). The other movie is Disney is trying to reignite interest in the franchise and I don’t fault them for it. They included many references to the old show while trying to put a new spin on it and I applaud them for it. However, it feels in some big ways they missed the point of Kim Possible.

Honestly, I would say it starts with Kim herself. As previously mentioned, the original has many strengths and talents but has the humility to not show them off or feel inferior to others. She’s cool but in a cool way and that is the biggest drawback of the live-action. Throughout the film, she’s constantly using her gymnastics prowess in ways that don’t make sense. Her banter with Ron is ok but I don’t get the best friend vibes from them. Her inferiority complex doesn’t feel right with the character. In the show, her biggest flaw was people-pleasing. There’s a difference between the two. I understand this is a younger Kim but I would have thought her family would have kept her more grounded. Although there are more flaws character-wise, I think this summarizes one of my biggest problems.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my take on “Kim Possible Movies Comparison Analysis 2005 vs 2018”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite Kim Possible character. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something else from my childhood, click here.

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