Lucas: Not Great but Important


Hey y’all, today I’m talking about Lucas, an ’80s movie about a nerd boy falling in love with a popular girl. It doesn’t end how you think, I promise.

How do you know Lucas?

This was one of my mom‘s favorite movies and she first showed it to my sister and me when I was in ~high school.


Lucas is a nerd who becomes friends with Maggie, the new girl in town. He wants to win her heart, but she’s not interested.

So why are you covering Lucas?

You know those movies about those little nerd boys who get with really hot girls, and those girls eventually learn to settle for a little nerd boy because he’s kinda nice sometimes? Propaganda.


You know those movies and shows where the little nerd girl has to change absolutely every aspect that makes her, here, starting by her appearance, so she can get the really hot boy, while when it’s the other way around the girl just settles with the nerd boy? Propaganda.


The above was a Tumblr post I found on Pinterest and I said the following:

May I introduce y’all to a movie called Lucas? It’s a nerd boy [who] tries to get with a girl but spoiler alert they don’t end up together even though he tries changing himself to fit her tastes better


Since this is my most liked Pinterest comment, I figured I would watch it again. So if you are tired of this trope, this is for you.

Comments while watching Lucas

  • I don’t think az has a locust species but we have cicadas that scream when ready to reproduce and sleep the rest of the year so…
  • Why are you freaking out over someone watching you when you are practicing in front of the football players in public?
  • Waltz of the flowers? 
  • Awkward
  • Smart, but he’s so awkward 
  • “My family is falling apart” “keep an open mind because I want to date you”
  • Superficial this and that, so much for keeping an open mind
  • What’s your point with saying her name’s maggie and magpies are black and white 
  • Lucas is suspicious. I know why but still
  • Summer montage

School is back in session

  • Rina 💜 Lucas and I’m pretty sure it’s Lydia from Beetlejuice  
  • Gotta love those old cheer routines 
  • Blatant bullying the teachers don’t call out.😬
  • Apparently, we don’t care if kids leave the gym 
  • I’d like to go cry by myself now. Please go away, Maggie
  • Hey it’s your first day of school, let’s skip and not get stopped by anyone 
  • Distracted driving for the win
  • I would freak out if a bug was in my hair too
  • Lucas could be making all this up and they would never know
  • If the captain likes him, why aren’t these guys active friends of his
  • Joke about men not able to cook 
  • Joke about men not being able to do their laundry 
  • That’s why you multitask while you do laundry
  • Maggie just spent the whole summer with Lucas, not much will gross her out anymore 
  • Bonding time 

Let me translate for you

  • Strange walk? Are we implying Lucas is abused?
  • Oh right that’s nice you have a girlfriend 
  • I think she’s jealous because she knows I like you 
  • Are you cold? As he stands there half-naked. Bro, I’d be cold just looking at you
  • Why do you think she should become a cheerleader?👀
  • Join cheerleading we actively drink and make out in the back of busses
  • I don’t want to feel like a third wheel so I’m going to have you cancel your plans 

Friends never say goodbye🎶

  • Yes Maggie call him out for being an unsupportive friend 
  • Not now Lucas I need to talk to my crush who has a girlfriend 
  • Lucas talking to the captain about going to the dance and Maggie’s strong need for acceptance 😬🤣🤣
  • This is definitely not what a high school choir sounds like 🤣🤣
  • All of you should be watching the CONDUCTOR  
  • Ew, why are y’all squeezing fruit between your armpits and foreheads? 
  • Rina, you’re not being subtle, Lucas just isn’t picking up what you’re putting down 
  • Alise has a point but she shouldn’t try to be controlling about it 
  • If they are going as friends why doesn’t Maggie drive
  • No pictures? This is so unrealistic 
  • Maggie, you’re both dressed up. Go! 
  • I’d eat pizza when I’m sad Lucas if I could have gluten 
  • Lucas, you rented a tux and everything just go dance by yourself 
  • No wonder Rina is concerned. 
  • It’s the day you broke up with your 3-year girlfriend and now he’s kissing her and it doesn’t concern her?
  • Lucas, you shouldn’t have said what you did🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • Time to go sit on a fountain 
  • I don’t understand what’s so funny about blatant bullying 
  • What happens if Lucas were an orphan 

Breaking the tropes

  • How long have you been running 
  • I mean this is an important conversation for people to understand. You don’t always get the girl even if you think you become everything you think they want. Being wonderful doesn’t mean romantic success 
  • Hit me with your best shot🎶
  • Was that cheerleader close up shot necessary
  • Say what you will about Lucas, he’s brave 
  • Much like Lucas, my glasses are always dirty
  • Lucas has never played a game, he doesn’t know their plays. This won’t be good
  • You aren’t even wearing your helmet right
  • Why would you throw off your helmet for one epic baller moment? 
  • He didn’t even get to score a touchdown 
  • People didn’t give a crap about Lucas and now they’re crowding the hospital? Sorry but there’s been no lessening of the bullying so I’m calling bull
  • The probability of y’all still knowing each other is low
  • Yay, more bullying 
  • Aw a jacket even though he’s retiring from football

Final Thoughts

The best characters in this movie are Lucas’s friends. They accepted him for who he is and he doesn’t feel compelled to lie to them about where he lives. I like that Lucas doesn’t end up with anyone in the end since I think that’s the point of this movie. Even if you like someone doesn’t mean they have to like you back. I will say the ending feels a little lackluster since in the football game he doesn’t actually accomplish something but overall it’s an okay movie. The worst part is Lucas’s compulsive lying, the lack of concern from the adults, and how similar Cap and Lucas are. Overall an okay movie.

Thank you for reading Lucas: Not Great but Important, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite version of the trope–Grease, High School Musical, etc. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie review, click here.

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