Netflix’s The Willoughbys Found Family Trope FTW

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Ah, summer. When I was younger, it was a time to let my imagination run wild. How perfect then, the Willoughbys captures child-like imagination and wonder.

Quick Summary~

Five siblings–the titular Willoughbys–have two terrible parents and send them on a trip so they could live by themselves. The parents leave them with a nanny who gives them all the love and affection from an adult they were previously lacking. When the parents run out of money, they try to sell the house, child services get involved, and the siblings are separated. Nanny comes to the rescue, the parents are found, but the siblings are adopted by the nanny and her beau, the candyman. He was previously given a baby by the five siblings and they live happily ever after.

Comments while watching

  • Narration
  • Love your look narrator, very Cheshire cat-like
  • Love the house
  • Can’t believe you didn’t make a cat pun
  • Is this going to be the mysterious benedict society
  • I love their yarn hair
  • Are they not going to help Tim
  • So he would have a mustache if mom didn’t clip it for yarn
  • She’s suggesting they kill their parents? 不不
  • I did because it’s a kids movie 
  • Nanny ends up being exactly what they need
  • Baby is chaotic
  • Watch him be their distant relative
  • Flirting at its finest
  • No, you’d like to be taken care of by her! She seems great
  • Is the candy man going to buy it
  • They home alone-d the house 不不
  • The nanny helped them 不不
  • Awww
  • Oh no, a mistake 
  • All the cat motifs
  • I love her hair is a heart
  • He’s a ram不
  • Thank you for not making the candy man evil
  • They’re responsible for so much manslaughter 
  • I saw that one coming
  • Magic cat… do y’all watch critical role
  • Candyman sled 不不
  • Just saying but couldn’t extended malnourishment and abuse in early childhood be a cause for lack of facial hair? The siblings weren’t ever locked in the coal mill nor seemed to receive the brute force of their parents’ abuse. Makes sense why Tim is more fearful. 

Final Thoughts on The Willoughbys

Something that always bugs me about children’s shows is how they get rid of the parents because, in a show for kids, you want the kids to be the heroes, not the adults. How some modern shows do it is making the parents oblivious, stupid, or lied to. Netflix’s The Willoughbys makes them so in love with each other they ignore their five children, essentially making them stupid and abusive and I get it works for this trope of a found family but I sincerely wish we could get more creative with this issue. Makes me miss Kim Possible. Despite all this, it was adorable and if you haven’t seen it, give it a watch.

Thank you for reading Netflix’s The Willoughbys Found Family Trope FTW, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite version of the trope. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie review, click here.

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