Over the Moon: 7 Stages of Grief with Space

over the moon

Welcome to beautifully animated movies that might make you cry. Today’s topic is Netflix’s Over the Moon.

China Animation GIF by NETFLIX
China Animation GIF by NETFLIX

Quick Summary~

When Fei Fei was younger, her mom told her stories of Chang’e. She dwells on the moon lamenting the loss of her lover, waiting the day they will be reunited. Her mom dies and it hits Fei Fei hard then her dad has a new girlfriend and she has a son? Aw heck no. Fei Fei uses her knowledge of physics and engineering to craft a spaceship to go to the moon. She wasn’t expecting her new brother to come along nor for Chang’e to send her on a quest to find a gift. (Cast and more here).

Comments while watching

  • Galaxy 😍😍😍
  • Wabbit lantern
  • Cute moon goddess doll
  • This family is so cute
  • I want to make mooncakes
  • Was not expecting mom to be a soprano 
  • Good transition
  • Mom’s gonna die isn’t she
  • Wabbit!! Cute😍😍
  • 😭😭😭
  • Two time skips? Dang
  • She’s a soprano 1 just like mom🥺
  • Pretty canola looking fields
  • Dad’s dating…oh dang
  • Hot take: frogs are gross bunnies are better 
  • You are going to bust open knuckles at a minimum and concuss yourself for worse
  • Cooking = love 
  • Shut down 
  • Grumpy wabbit
  • Clearly not personal 
  • Grief is hard, dude
  • Something tells me it’s a story of working through loss and accepting the change 
  • Which aunty will be wrong
  • Literal rocket science 
  • Those kids just died and were brought back to life 🤯
  • Parallels
  • Is it the moon cakes from his mom
  • I bet one of them is carrying it on their person
  • Moon lady’s outfits are on point.
  • Also, the music slaps
  • What if the green wabbit is Houyi (no)
  • I didn’t ask for sad boy hours
  • But also isn’t it hypocritical for the moon goddess to say all this
  • Why’d bungee have to leave🥺🥺
  • Space dog🤣🤣

Final Thoughts

Although it may not be great for young kids, Over the moon is out of this world 😉. Forgive the pun.

Thank you for reading “Over the Moon: 7 Stages of Grief with Space”, I appreciate it. Comment below your thoughts on the movie. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want something similar, click here.

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