Paranorman: A Spooktacular Lesson in Kindness Despite Injustice


Happy Halloween month. So, I’ve never seen Paranorman. I remember when it came out but I didn’t know much about it going into this experience. If you like zombies, ghosts, and outsider movies, you may like my take on this movie. Enjoy~

Stop Motion Animation GIF by LAIKA Studios
Stop Motion Animation GIF by LAIKA Studios (Norman, our main character)

Quick Summary of Paranorman!

Norman is an outsider because he can see/talk to ghosts. His estranged uncle convinces him he’s not weird but has a destiny: to read a bedtime story to a dead witch. If he fails, she will raise up zombies. Well, he fails, and now Norman, his only friend, his school bully, his older sister, and his friend’s older brother must go fix it all. They do and even though the town is destroyed, Norman has found his place in his community.

Comments while watching Paranorman:

Setting up the Paranorman-verse

  • Ooo squishy brain
  • Idk why but it reminds me of Thriller’s music video
  • Grandma’s a ghost, calling it now
  • “Idk how to tell you this dad but I don’t have interests in either one of those things” – Norman
  • Mom looks real tired 
  • Did you swallow the entire bottle cap and all? I don’t think that’s how you take your meds
  • Big sis is just jealous, don’t mind her
  • When my hair was short, it also liked to stand up straight 
  • Puns based on how they died? Wow
  • Part like the red sea until the bell rings. 
  • Hi uncle
  • Nice of them to not write on his locker in permanent marker
  • The DRAMA
  • Are you disassociating or going to a different plane of reality 
  • Trying to hang a kid is a ‘lil dark
  • That’s how I’ve made friends 
  • Not spicy hummus!
  • This wasn’t rocket science 
  • Do you really want to 
  • It’s all apart of the play?
  • Too far
  • That would make her a necromancer?
  • Like the f word🤣🤣🤣
  • Horror movie reference 👉😎👉
  • Grandma is gonna double die, isn’t she
  • You’re a jerk but you have sick dance moves

Off to Uncle’s house

  • It’s Monster House! Jk
  • Rigor mortis is here to kick your butt
  • Ewww
  • Dumb butt is gonna curse the town. Seriously how did you follow him
  • He did technically read from the book, you didn’t say how much he had to read
  • Not interested girlfriend 
  • You’ll be safe coz you have no brains
  • Thank you for covering the plot hole
  • Wouldn’t he have heard you touching his ear
  • She sounds like she’s answering beauty pageant questions 
  • Yes punt the head
  • Ah ha, climate change joke
  • Maybe don’t get bit by the zombie
  • He just wanted his arm back
  • Your car is dead

Kill the beast zombies, mob-style

  • I don’t see you being much help rn big sis
  • Actually pretty sure the zombies are getting walloped by locals
  • Where are your ghost friends
  • Are we stealing lines from scooby doo
  • What if zombies actually wanted to help
  • “Dramatic” as if you haven’t been hanging out with big sis
  • Is this going to be like howl’s moving castle 

The truth, revealed

  • She was a CHILD
  • Ohhh it’s her descendants keeping her in check isn’t it 
  • Death does have a lot of references or associations with sleeping 
  • “Please don’t tell me how you feel because I don’t feel the same way” -older bro
  • The one thing you’ve done right this entire movie
  • The real terror is how quickly the humans turned to violence 
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Because the uncle you hate died
  • They really couldn’t figure out to go to the source of the green tornado 
  • Good thing he’s dexterous
  • Take some lightning damage 
  • Witch casts “web of lightning”
  • Who was it? Her parents? Sibling?
  • Paranorman is a great story about kindness
  • Now the town is trashed
  • If the gift is hereditary on mom’s side, why doesn’t mom and sis have the ability? 

Final Thougths on Paranorman

Treating those who have hurt you poorly with bitterness and just as unkindly as they treated you won’t help the situation, much less you, and it’s nice to see this message in a movie. In current times, it feels like you say something someone doesn’t agree with and they will do their best to ruin you. Granted, some people do bad things. However, I don’t know any perfect people, and maybe in moments where we may think calling someone out is kindness or enacting justice, what if we took Paranorman’s message to heart? What if we extended grace and kindness when it was not granted to us?

Thank you for reading my take on “Paranorman”, I appreciate you and I’ll see you in the next post! If you like Halloween movies, check out my take on The Little Vampire.

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