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Leif Erikson day is this week so today’s topic is Ragnarok, a teen drama action show where the chosen one has Thor-like powers and I’d love to share my experience with you.

Shocked Selfie GIF by NETFLIX
Shocked Selfie GIF by NETFLIX

Ragnarok Quick Summary~

Magne, his mom, and his brother move back to a small town. Their car is stopped, Magne steps out and a lady touches his face. The next day, he gains superpowers. Now Magne must navigate a new school, the death of his friend at the hands of giants, investigating said death, new crushes, and more. Bigger forces are at work, could this be Ranarok?

Comments while watching Ragnarok

Ep 1

  • Reminds me of twilight for some reason 
  • Eyepatch = Odin, if marvel has taught me anything (no)
  • He’s got electrifying blue eyes
  • Spoke too soon
  • It feels like Gry is being set up for a romance arc or someone important 
  • Seems like a jerk
  • Lucky your friend has super strength 
  • This will be an interesting group project 
  • So what?
  • What happened to his parents?
  • Is this Loki? He has a dog I think
  • Architecture on point 
  • This is a Lil weird 
  • He’s not fat by American standards 
  • Siblings at their finest
  • She’s not interested, dude
  • Not what you wrote, is it?
  • Ew 
  • Yes, state your intentions 
  • Oh dang
  • That’s almost the title of an all American rejects song
  • People dying relatively young is sad
  • Brother is spilling all the secrets rn
  • Tacos are the best 
  • You look like you’ll be cold
  • He’s fine, he has superpowers 
  • Convenient phone death
  • Don’t leave her alone
  • Why are you naked in the snow
  • Why are you going into a dark and creepy cave
  • So now we’re eating deer hearts
  • What is up with the brother
  • I wanted superpowers, what was this


  • Nice memorial
  • 3rd irony
  • This is the worst speech from a school counselor I’ve ever heard
  • Y’all did a terrible investigation 
  • Wow, that must really suck Mr antagonist
  • Yikes
  • Could no one confirm he was not near the guy’s house? 
  • Can you not be weird for 5 min?
  • Oh you aren’t human either
  • Getting to know you, getting to know all about you🎶
  • Does she think he’s lying 》foreshadowing her witnessing it in the future?
  • Aww poor grieving dad
  • She’s obviously the sage/oracle character 
  • Prove it bro
  • She looks amazing
  • I think those guys are dead
  • I think Magne’s brother was going to ask you to dance
  • It’s the perks of being a wallflower
  • So we’re going to have student-adult relationships
  • What is going on? 
  • You went to the worst person ever 
  • JERK
  • Yikes, someone’s gonna die
  • The best scene thus far
  • Why break-in? There’s no reason 


  • Gee, I wonder who that could be 
  • Idk if I believe you
  • Uh maybe don’t spill to the councilor works 
  • Uh yikes
  • He didn’t name drop the husband 
  • Goodbye wallpaper 
  • Maybe don’t speak for your brother
  • Aww
  • Vidar’s character flaw: recklessness 
  • Heartfelt confession from the bad guy 
  • How about now?
  • All roads lead back to the giants
  • Time to increase the intensity 
  • Lauritz is going to figure y’all out before you figure out Magne
  • Fastest strongest man alive
  • Thank you for the warning 
  • OH MAN
  • I’m not worried, but oh man
  • So Sasa is the only one who isn’t completely terrible. 
  • Not a scratch. That’s my boy
  • And now we know why you took off your gloves
  • He didn’t even mention your family
  • Sensitive is a light word 
  • What about your group project 
  • Leave her out of this, please 
  • Do you understand how macabre that is 
  • Heightened sense of smell dude
  • You are the worst friends
  • Yikes
  • Strategic crab shell cracking
  • Lamb😍
  • I wouldn’t drink that
  • Back with the old music
  • Looking like you want to murder
  • Oh, a glimpse at one’s true form? 
  • Finally superpowers


  • More rash decision making 
  • They didn’t see what Magne saw
  • Why would he look up Norse mythology now?
  • Mama bear is here
  • But aren’t his grades still bad?
  • Are you going to explain how you fit in all of this?
  • Yes, you would say that Saxa
  • Aww, poor Erik
  • Poor Iman, prof can’t get her name right
  • Can you just let her finish? It’s not your presentation. 
  • Yikes
  • Ah…no thanks 
  • Casually get rid of the brother so we can have a heart to heart chat
  • Not a yes…but not a no
  • Don’t pet him
  • He’s still grieving, can you leave him out of it?
  • Is milk bathing considered old-timey?
  • I’d leave it alone
  • Should’ve just given the compliment and walked away 
  • Gee, i couldn’t tell
  • Is this foreshadowing 
  • You’ve been living for hundreds of years and that’s the line you go with
  • You shouldn’t just reveal yourself to the bad guy
  • Please don’t kill off the best character 
  • Gross
  • Thank you for asking about the knives 
  • Time for you to get a watch
  • Again, you’ve been alive for several years and that’s your best material?
  • Brutal death reveal
  • You’re next, buckaroo
  • Gry is gonna die


  • Yikes, it’s never good when chanting by the fire
  • Yikes
  • Is everyone still on the mountain 
  • Yikes
  • Still nuts
  • Earring
  • They’re going to find his memos
  • Considerate of you to offer to not trash talk his family
  • 🌟property damage 🌟
  • Why does helping him have to be secret
  • How about no💫
  • I wonder if one of the siblings will gain a moral compass 
  • Aww
  • Holding back?
  • I thought that was supposed to stay between the teacher and him?
  • Erik gave him the laptop?
  • How considerate
  • What more do you want, you aren’t helpful. 
  • I mean…
  • No internet, have to go old school
  • Is it too late now to say sorry🎶🎶
  • Cake is delicious 
  • Great, now they might both die 
  • Melodrama over?
  • All the toxic waste
  • Gry is definitely dead now


  • It’s gone
  • Erik, what are you doing 
  • Good thing you broke up with your boyfriend 
  • 🥺🥺🥺
  • Dang, Lil bro. 
  • Dang Gry
  • Decide your loyalties 
  • Should have let him finish
  • Rebel of the family
  • Finally, someone stepping up. 
  • Ah yes, “ran”
  • Could have had a redemption arc but nope
  • Shouldn’t have mentioned her
  • Surprise, Magne survives

Final Thoughts on Ragnarok

From the trailer, I was expecting Norse mythology-based superpowers and epic battles Percy Jackson/Narnia style. Ragnarok has this but is mainly a teen drama show with commentary on capitalism and environmentalism and corruption. However, when there are action sequences, they are pretty good. Another flaw is the pacing, it takes a bit to get into. Thank you for reading my take on Ragnarok, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite Norse myth. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here (throwback!).

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