Sailor Moon: Now More Cohesive

Today I’m talking about Netflix’s Sailor Moon, an anime so famous it made it into a Bare Naked Ladies Song.

My background with Sailor Moon:

So I have seen 13 episodes of the original Sailor Moon series and I got bored. It was structured where you had the main character go about her life, something would happen, she’d fight a monster, and maybe something interesting would happen. I don’t think I got to see any of the other sailer guardians/scouts. Netflix took it and ran with it. First up they upgraded the animation from 2D to 3D while keeping a similar style to the original. I think this was a great idea. Second off, they condensed the plot so there were hardly any filler episodes. There are three seasons.

What are magical girls?

This is a trope in anime where you have a normal high school girl but then she’s also a superhero and they always have some transformation sequence. The outfits are normally cute.

Quick Summary~

In the first season, they collect all of the main sailor guardians- Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter- ending with the reveal of the princess. You find out who Tuxedo Mask is and defeat a big bad. 

In the second season, Chibi-Usa comes and we get to do some time traveling. I think it’s a great introduction to outer planet sailor guardians and you get sneak peeks at what the future is for the show. 

In the third season, you get a more in-depth look at the outer planet guardians-Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. They defeat a big bad and come together as a team, united under Neo Queen Serenity. 

What are sailor guardians?

Essentially Sailor Moon’s posse, her squad, and her protectors. They protect Earth from bad guys trying to destroy it in one way or another. Each guardian has a role.

Who is Chibi-Usa?

Sailor Moon’s daughter from the future.

I have questions… 

Why do sailor guardians fear death? Sailor moon continuously brings them back to life and even if they die, they are reincarnated almost immediately. I get it’s sad to lose a friend but death holds no repercussions to them. 

Why do so many people want to make out with Sailor Moon? First, there’s Tuxedo Mask which I get because he’s her one true love. Then in season 2, one of the villains has mind control powers and forces her to kiss him. Ewwww. Then in season 3, Sailor Uranus kisses her for no reason. Even though they have a girlfriend and Sailor Moon has Tuxedo Mask which Uranus would know since they remember their past life. I think the worst part is Sailor Moon doesn’t tell her friends about either kiss nor does she really come clean to Tuxedo Mask. 

Who is my favorite sailor scout/guardian? For the outer planet squad, Sailor Saturn, hands down. Her powers are so cool and I love her outfit.  For the main squad, sailor mercury is my homegirl. 

Final Thoughts on Sailor Moon:

Thank you so much for reading all of my thoughts on Sailor Moon, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite Sailor Scout is, if you want more subscribe to my mailing list for more bright, inviting, entertaining, genuine content, and if you want more ridiculous comedy romance, check out this review. See you in the next post!

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