Secret Magic Control Agency: Baking & Love Potions

Hey, y’all today I’m talking about Secret Magic Control Agency.

Quick Summary~

Secret Magic Control Agency is like Shrek where it is a play on fairytales and references a lot of them. Hansel and Gretel are our main protagonists. Gretel is a part of the Secret Magic Control Agency which is like Interpol / FBI for magic and Hansel is a magic-using swindler. Because the king of the country was stolen using magic food, Hansel and Gretel must work together to find the king and bring the culprit to justice.

Comments while watching Secret Magic Control Agency

  • I love the opening
  • Yumm
  • Macaroons!!
  • Oh nooo
  • Title drop
  • So is magic illegal? 
  • Tweedle dee and dum?
  • Cartoon logic weaponized…haven’t seen this since who framed roger rabbit
  • Stepmother? They are always the villains in fairytales 
  • You’re sending sister after brother 
  • He’s not magic is he
  • Ohhh boy
  • So you do have redeeming qualities 
  • Who would you message
  • He’s a magician i bet he’s out of his cuffs
  • Dummies
  • Suicide squad for kids
  • Siblings for sure
  • I want to know what happened between you two 
  • So is this before the famous fairytale?
  • She looks adorable and delightfully sinister 
  • This is like the minions from despicable me
  • I love him
  • So many references 
  • Awww they’re so cute
  • Baba yah ga?
  • What a karen
  • Poor barber
  • Stones definitely won’t come into play 
  • You’re an adult shouldn’t you know better
  • Why are you eating her food
  • They told you who they were
  • Going through someone’s diary is uncool
  • Good thing you saved a mermaid earlier
  • Calm down hansel you’re a 20 something in a 6 year old body
  • Good thing your puppy is immune to squish damage 
  • Secret door cliche
  • Character growth 
  • I love the switch to 2d art
  • Dummy
  • Villain monologue cliche
  • Blame game
  • Ooo interesting twist
  • I bet the bubbles are their way out
  • You’re gonna need it
  • Please just call it a pheonix vs firebird
  • Cookie spirited away
  • Payoff 
  • Crash landing number 2
  • Oh the drama
  • Oh no
  • The gluten free people are safe
  • Into your own cookies
  • One last batch
  • Sir you’re now legally married to a witch
  • The grimm brothers to write the official version 🤣🤣🤣
  • If they know about these potions they should do something about it 
  • Ooo red riding hood is evil 
  • 2d dance party🤣

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading Netflix’s Secret Magic Control Agency, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite fairytale is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie review, click here.

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