Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron- Western Classic

Today’s topic is Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron where we look at the story of the west from the heart of a horse, not the saddle of one.

Quick Summary~

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron starts with the birth of the titular character. After a brief time skip, we watch him grow from colt to stallion becoming the leader of his herd. One night, humans are near his territory and he goes to check it out. Unfortunately, this leads to his capture. Dragged through forests and across deserts he enters a camp of the US military. They try to break him but he manages to escape with the help of Little Creek. Little Creek takes him back to his village where he meets Raine. They fall in love, the US military attacks, Spirit is recaptured, and forced to work on the railroad. He escapes and goes back to his herd with Raine.

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron primarily uses the visuals, music by Bran Adams and Hans Zimmer, and occasional narration from Matt Damon to weave a tale of loss and freedom. So can someone tell me why they decided to make a tv show and movie about Spirit being tamed by a young girl especially when the original was good and complex? In the original Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, we completed the hero’s journey.

Comments while watching

  • Eagle for freedom?
  • We’ll be seeing this later
  • Perfect narrator 
  • Majestic 
  • I’ve always wondered why they gave the horses eyebrows 
  • He’s so cute
  • Narrator says he was there then it transitions to here i am… 😙👌
  • Weeeee
  • What a lil rascal
  • Ohh no
  • 🤣🤣

Scared but not backing down 

  • Hello small horse
  • Hi, hello
  • What happened to your dad 
  • Begone thot
  • It’s so pretty 
  • Well loved leader
  • It takes a village…herd
  • He’s so expressive 
  • Mom says don’t go
  • Yea and take you from everything you’ve ever known 
  • The horse warns you 
  • Yea i bet it smells bad 
  • He is pretty 
  • Yea alcohol probably tastes gross 
  • Eww
  • He has compassion for the other horses and wanted to free them 
  • Spirit probably knows the land better than they do

One vs four isn’t fair

  • Mom no
  • You have to lead the herd to safety 
  • The eagle looks sad 
  • Military hair cuts
  • Good luck dude
  • Indeed he does want to fight
  • It’s a game now 
  • Poor Murphy 
  • No narration needed the music says it all
  • The smirk🤣🤣
  • Rude 

He understands real leadership 

  • How did none of them see that
  • Legs of steel 
  • You thought 
  • now he has nothing to hold on to
  • How’s that for broken 
  • All the horses cheering
  • Right into the manure
  • Outta the way Murphy 
  • Raine!
  • He looks so annoyed 🤣🤣
  • Oo apples 
  • That’s what the military thought 
  • Ofc she can that’s what mares do

Throwing on the charm

  • Aw he’s being funny
  • Aww 
  • Here girl you want this apple I got for you? Nah let’s share
  • Can you feel the love tonight 🎶🎶
  • He wouldn’t be spirit if he didn’t play around a bit first
  • He’s waiting for the perfect moment to throw you off🤣🤣
  • He’s letting you pet him which is an improvement 
  • Glad you understand 
  • Aww 
  • Bad things are coming 
  • Rattler
  • Massacre 
  • Yay you both survived 
  • She was shot?

Noo not you guys again

  • Yes he did. He may be wild but you showed him kindness 
  • No more fight left
  • Eat, you’ll feel better 
  • When I was a kid I didn’t understand the emotional weight of this sequence. 
  • Time to game plan
  • How much horsepower is this? 
  • If they were smart all of em could quit
  • If the military couldn’t break him you have no chance
  • Train wreck 
  • This will put them back a few months
  • Now you’ve saved each other 
  • Pile of apples 
  • He knows you’re coming🤣🤣
  • Not these guys again 
  • C’mon dude straighten up
  • Kick in the face 
  • 3 left
  • The realization 🤣🤣
  • You got this 

Soaring over the canyon

  • You won’t reach
  • Respect rattler 
  • Guess you never needed the rug
  • They made it back 
  • Woohoo she’s not dead 
  • Oh he will
  • I couldn’t remember how he got his name 
  • Just saying but I think he’s older than a boy
  • I wish it would say how far he was taken and how long it took to get back
  • How are those colts still colts
  • He wanted one thing: to get back home and he achieved it by the end of the movie 

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my take on Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite horse movie. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want to watch something similar, click here. I’ll see you in the next post!

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