Tenacious D: Bards of Rock n Roll Striving for Greatness

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Tenacious D is a band with Jack Black, Kyle Gass, and Steven Shane McDonald. It’s also a Monty Python-style movie about the band and today I’m talking about it. Huzzah!

jack black rock GIF
jack black rock GIF

Quick Summary~

Jack Black grew up in a strict anti-rock n roll household. After running away, he finds Kyle Gass who teaches him his ways. However, rent is due and Gass’s parents are not paying it anymore. After forming a band, they hear of a magical guitar pick that was used by all the great rock n roll artists to create fantastic ballads. If the band is able to harness this power, they’ll be able to win the battle of the band competition and pay the rent. So off they go.

Comments while watching

  • Thank you for fart jokes before the studio logo
  • A bard singing about his adventures 
  • This kid could totally grow up to be Jack black 
  • It’s a Lil unnerving to hear Jack black coming through 
  • Is that a deck of many things or tarot cards
  • The fall of man
  • Wouldn’t your guitar break
  • He did not
  • And from that day on he used you
  • At the crack of noon 🤣🤣 I know people like this. I call them star shines.
  • You perform in front of others all the time??🤔
  • What happened to the pizza guy
  • Never mind he’s still here
  • A guitar🥺 ok that’s adorable 
  • Booty marks for the band name 🤣🤣
  • This is a solid performance but I don’t think the audience was into it 
  • Ah yes guitar pick = hit song
  • All allegorical bc Jack black has to hook up with a blonde chick from earlier
  • Why would you tell them all of that
  • Bard rolls to seduce
  • This is the NPC that is here to keep the players on track, scare them, or maybe even big bad
  • Scared poop-less
  • Ooo man has a point 
  • You promised to play, now you play 
  • Roll for persuasion *fails*
  • Roll for performance 
  • Oh no
  • You failed your con and wisdom save
  • Sasquatch Jack black is not what I was expecting 
  • Time for the memory montage so you can get back together and kick butt
  • How did you get here 
  • Roll athletics or acrobatics 
  • But if it touched the laser it would have been chopped off
  • 🌟property damage🌟
  • Thank you for using all the whacky stuff from the beginning 
  • Your actions have consequences 
  • Roll for persuasion *you think he’s buying it*
  • Cast motivational speech? 
  • This entire movie is just a devil went down to Georgia but more

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading Tenacious D: Bards of Rock n Roll Striving for Greatness, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite song from the movie. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another movie thing, click here.

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