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Día de Los Muertos was this week, so what better week to talk about The Book of Life than this one? I remember when the trailer for this movie came out and now that it’s on Disney Plus, I finally got to watch it and share the experience with you. Enjoy!

guillermo del toro animation GIF by HuffPost
guillermo del toro animation GIF by HuffPost

Quick Summary!

A bunch of children are on a field trip to a museum. Their tour guide takes them to a secret room and weaves a tale of two gods who made a bet over which boy a girl would fall for. The trio grew up together but after setting free a bunch of pigs, Maria was sent away to learn how to be a proper lady. Meanwhile, the boys grew into men one, a respected warrior, the other, a reluctant bullfighter. Maria comes back, the boys compete for her hand, and one of the gods cheat, killing the bullfighter in order to win the bet. The bullfighter comes back to the land of the living, fights a 3rd party villain, and ultimately wins the girl. The tour guide waves to the children farewell revealing herself to be one of the gods.

Comments while watching Book of Life

Story within a story time:

  • That’s a cool animation studio intro
  • He has a heart nose
  • Immediate lesson: kids are terrors
  • Pretty 
  • If any of this holds weight to the original folklore, the explanation would have been nice in coco
  • Bard vs fighter, who will win?
  • The doll aesthetic is on point
  • The king seems to want to make things right with his queen 
  • So I’m guessing this is a meta-story where the tour guide plays a role but I’m unsure how. The current guess is she’s the queen 
  • Bard wants to bard not a bullfight
  • What happens if she doesn’t marry either one of them
  • This song totally threw me off 🤣🤣
  • I really like that there’s no beef between the bros
  • What a flirt🤣
  • If you don’t ever apologize how did you have a seemingly good relationship with your wife? 

Musical Interlude:

  • Who threw his guitar
  • Why’d you put this pop song in this movie? 
  • Setting up someone else doesn’t work
  • Obviously not lying to her
  • Drinking joke🤣🤣
  • Who decided to put he’s just a friend in this movie?? Or the song immediately after that
  • Are we going to get a duet?

Way Down Hadestown

  • Dude, she wasn’t interested earlier what made you think she wanted a proposal?
  • Wow personal insults
  • Joaquin is so full of himself 
  • So other people know what the medal is
  • Wow, Joaquin talked all about himself
  • This doesn’t feel like a contest when one is going after her heart and the other is after her… idk 
  • Enter Elvis Presley’s song? Why…? This movie would be so much better with original music. 
  • This is cheating
  • When dad picks her up, her hair is going to drag through the mud

Wait for Me 🎶🎶

  • The guitar has a broken heart
  • He got to see his mom🥺
  • Wouldn’t you wait for after the wedding to call the bet?
  • Why did mom and grandpa come?
  • Good thing he has bullfighting skills to dodge large objects 
  • Says he can’t interfere *immediately interferes* 
  • The skull pupils are soooo cool
  • Why is he so much bigger than his minions
  • I hope this girl is worth it because your entire family is dead now
  • Dude, you could have any of the girls in town why do you need to marry maria
  • The bard appeased the bull monster via a song 🤣🤣 college of sword bard at its finest 

Return from the underworld:

  • Wait a sec I’m not done kissing the girl
  • Skeleton uses charm person and it’s very effective 
  • María: the end all be all heroine. Conveniently studied whatever best fits the situation 
  • You fought so hard for Maria and you’re throwing it away now?? Whyyyyy
  • Character development! 
  • Aww, the king and queen are back together and the duet is happening. 
  • The island is a guitar🤣🤣
  • A real big surprise who the tour guide and the security guard was 
  • Best museum trip 

In conclusion:

Honestly, the music could have made the film if it was all original music but the pop music diminishes Book of Life in my opinion. It’s a good story but the music diminishes it and the humor stomps on it. In spite of all this, Book of Life is enjoyable, I promise.

Thank you for reading my take on The Book of Life, I appreciate it. Comment below who you would have gone for. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here.

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