The Lost Pirate Kingdom: Documentary Meets Film

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Like pirates and want to learn the history? Netflix has your back with The Lost Pirate Kingdom and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

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Quick Summary~

Before there were pirates, there were privateers who were basically mercenary sailors. After the war, they were abandoned. Homeless, penniless in the Caribbean they built a democratic-esqe kingdom making millions and building renown. Each episode tells the history of several key players: Hornigold, Jennings, Vane, Bonny, Thatch Blackbeard, and Bellamy.

Comments while watching the lost pirate kingdom


  • Bones in the ocean🎶
  • Real pirates of the Caribbean, I’m here for it
  • Oh, I didn’t know privateers = pirates. 
  • Sounds like a bad combo
  • Bermuda triangle?
  • Ah yes you seem so much better 
  • Hold your temper
  • Loophole
  • Acts surprised but it’s all going to plan 
  • His name is Archibald Hamilton 🎶
  • Isn’t that where his rival is 
  • Sucks for you sir
  • I bet he hasn’t. At least he’s nice, his rival? Not so much
  • Broke, immigrant, and in love is a bad combo
  • You’re well-spoken sir
  • Those would be cool sets to build, even as miniatures 
  • Ah yes “helping out”
  • Why did you do that 
  • Ewww
  • No kidding
  • Dang that’s a lot of money
  • People like Hornigold because he seems like he treats his men well
  • Don’t worry, I think Hornigold can hold his own
  • JERK


  • Yikes Anne Bonny
  • He’s a mercenary type 
  • Not going to say anything to your husband?
  • Who was on watch that night? 
  • You wouldn’t like Jennings, promise
  • Oh no, his actions have consequences 🤣
  • I’m honestly surprised you left survivors 
  • She’s expecting. 
  • Hoist the colors sir
  • Oh captain, what captain?
  • Joy
  • Why ask Vane for advice 
  • Again, you left survivors. Survivors = mouths to spread tales of you and your visage
  • I would too, Jennings is scary
  • Mate, you’re in a pirate colony, read the room. 
  • Oooo, Hornigold used vicious mockery
  • Anne bonny, are you going to sneak aboard?
  • Nothing he hasn’t seen before
  • An intimidation tactic to be sure
  • Ah yes, tools for torture 
  • Yea, maybe don’t lie to the crazy guy 
  • Suck it up Jennings, you had it coming
  • It’s a trap?
  • I get Hamilton and Jennings but Hornigold?
  • The world turned upside down 🎶🎶
  • Earth-shattering terms at the time
  • Golden age implies bad things to come


  • We love supportive friends against aggressive lapdogs
  • Either way, you’ll have a pool of people looking for jobs at your fingertips 
  • So why is Hornigold wanted?
  • You aren’t wrong, sir
  • Hornigold is out, Bellamy is in
  • And Captain he will be 
  • What the heck, that’s messed up
  • I mean, he is. 
  • Hornigold can do the wedding 
  • Sounds like John King is going to die
  • Do it, tear apart the British who were treating people terribly. 
  • So far I haven’t seen her do much, sorry
  • Guess we’ll come back to bonny in a second
  • Mystery begets intrigue 
  • Sounds like a prize for any pirate, that ship
  • Ooo that’s an insult I haven’t heard before
  • Aww, poor Mary 
  • Sam, when will you go back for her?
  • Ooo a pirate bounty hunter
  • He looks like the initials h.j. is carved into his cheek 


  • Must really suck for you (not really)
  • The saltiest of dogs, eh?
  • Ew
  • Wouldn’t that affect how someone speaks?
  • Hang on, not done with my drink yet
  • Everyone is fair game now
  • Yes Thatch, get it!
  • I don’t need a recap every time. I know Bellamy, I like Bellamy. 
  • That’s not how we do things out here, mate
  • Thank you captain beer
  • Please go get mary
  • If he goes home, will he not be arrested 
  • Matching scars with your lover
  • Dead
  • Hi Mr. King
  • No, not Bellamy!
  • Aww, man that sucks
  • And now it’s all lost 
  • Do it, Thatch
  • I recognize that name 
  • Scurvy? Nope, it’s worse
  • Outgunned outmanned outnumbered out planned🎶🎶
  • I feel bad for thatch


  • Vane do you not know who you serve?
  • Yes, begone Jennings. 
  • Poor Vane, hopefully, you can find a new mentor
  • After those who leave, leave relocate. Then they can’t bring back the navy
  • Democracy at its finest
  • Vane in a nutshell 
  • He won’t go down without a fight
  • Bellamy would have taken the offer so he could be with his lover
  • You shouldn’t insult Blackbeard’s best friend 
  • Bring back privateers?
  • Anne has a point (a really good line here btw)
  • Oh yes sir, they run things differently here
  • We’ll see about that
  • Send Vane to Blackbeard?
  • Vane has a point 
  • Paulsgrave has a point
  • Owww
  • Vane you’re playing your cards too soon 
  • Following in the steps of his mentor
  • But now Pearse knows about Nassau
  • Different pirate kingdoms. 
  • What the heck Blackbeard, that’s terrible
  • Wonder what happened to Hornigold


  • I don’t know what you said
  • I didn’t know wife sales and auctions were a thing, that’s horrible 
  • Time to channel your inner Bellamy 
  • A pirate cocktail 
  • Expensive property damage 
  • Blackbeard’s basically a privateer 
  • Waiting for a mutiny since he betrayed a crew member 
  • Anne looks so done with Hornigold in the background 
  • Beer in his beard? Eww
  •  Good move Blackbeard
  • Calico Jack is making moves now
  • You are looking at him
  • Don’t make your crew fight you
  • Thank God his reign was short 
  • Why are you beating the guy
  • That’s your wife, sir
  • Finally, actual piracy for Anne Bonny
  • Good strategy
  • Battle doesn’t seem over
  • You don’t have your weapon drawn?
  • I wouldn’t turn your back
  • Ew
  • Brought a sword to a gunfight disguised as a sword fight
  • Get him, Black Ceasar 
  • What greater show of love than to die for your friends 
  • Brutal
  • I would expect nothing less from Vane
  • Jennings deserved so much worse
  • I wanted to like Hornigold 
  • A real Bonnie and Clyde ending…almost

Final Thoughts on the lost pirate kingdom

I’ll be honest, I wish they leaned more into the show part of the docuseries. The constant cuts to the information dumps took me out of the immersion and often times it was repetitive information but overall? Good! Thank you for reading my take on The Lost Pirate Kingdom, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite pirate legend. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on a different adventure, click here (throwback!).

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