The Notebook: a Sappy Romance Movie?


When I started blogging, I did a review on P.S. I Love You and posted a pic about it on Instagram. To this day on Instagram, it is my most-liked picture. Since The Notebook is a movie similar to P.S. I Love You and I had never seen it before, I thought, “why not?”. So I coerced my dad and my sister to watch it with me and here we are.

Comments for The Notebook while watching

  • Old people after what felt like 10 min of credits? Where’s the great love story I was promised?
  • Already calling the story is the old couple’s love story.
  • Noah forcing her to go out with him? Yikes…
  • This doesn’t feel like love it feels like an obsession. (Farris wheel scene)
  • Is this movie going to be about success vs “success”?
  • Noah’s dad is the best character so far.
  • Allie’s parents are a-holes
  • Now she’s engaged to the boy her parents dreamed of?
  • Whyyyy did she come back to his house?
  • This is more of a rom-com than I first thought.
  • The reason why mom’s the worst is she’s projecting onto her daughter.
  • Fiancé is such a gentleman.
  • The saddest part is after the love story with the old people.
  • I just died in your arms tonight.

Success vs “Success”

Allie struggles with this question the entire movie. Her parents’ –really her mom’s– idea of success comes with wealth and materialistic things which to her mom at least bring a sense of security. Her mom mentions she had her own Noah back in the day and chose to leave him behind once they were caught running away together. To me, this implies that she isn’t as brave as her daughter when it comes to breaking away from tradition.

On the other hand, there’s the definition of success the movie pushes you towards. They make a point to show how happy Allie is when she’s with Noah. They lay down in the street, dance together, go for drives/bike rides. She paints when she’s with Noah. That doesn’t mean Lon is a bad person, you see her have just as much fun with him. She doesn’t paint with him though. They don’t lean into the idea of the familial differences, how Allie seems to love Noah’s dad vs how much Allie’s mom disapproves of him.

To put it simply, the movie’s idea of success is utter devotion from your significant other. Look how Noah writes her letters every day for a year. How he bought the house and fixed it up to her liking. When they are old, it’s how he reads her the story again and again for her to remember him for five minutes. Noah tells us as much when he’s describing his greatest accomplishment in life.

I am nothing special. But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who’s ever lived: I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough.


the love in The Notebook:

I am not married, nor do I have a beau. However, I do know that you don’t stay in love for all of your marriage. I know that there is more to love than being in love and I think this movie gets it right in the young days (seeing them fight but makeup). I believe that love is a choice. You choose to love someone even when it’s hard, even when you fight. It can start as a feeling but won’t stay that way forever as you go through life together. So in a sense, Noah is great in this movie.

It just feels one sided.

Noah waited seven years for Allie to come back to him. Yes, he had a friend with benefits but he told her he couldn’t give her what she wanted. That’s not mentioning the letters or the readings he does in the nursing home. Allie went to college, never writing to Noah even though she could have. She didn’t wait by the mailbox waiting for his letters and she got a new beau. In their older years, she can no longer remember Noah but wrote a book to have her come back to him. She gets to remember him for 5 minutes and then when she can no longer remember him, it breaks him into pieces. I know it’s not her fault but still, that sucks.

A quick note on Allie’s parents

I don’t think her dad is a bad person. He just doesn’t have a strong enough opinion and in my mind that is just as good as letting, whatever happens, happen. Allie’s mom may be projecting her regrets in life onto her daughter but we don’t learn that until the moment before she gives her daughter the notebook and I don’t feel sorry for her. The movie builds no sympathy with this woman and then wants me to pity her? On a similar note, why would you keep the letters if you didn’t want your daughter to potentially get back together with Noah? It doesn’t make sense.

Final thoughts:

So I understand why this is considered a great love story. I just wouldn’t say it’s for me. (And I didn’t cry at all). Please, if you are young and have not experienced a lot of life yet, please do not take this movie as an example of how love should be.

Thank you for reading The Notebook: a Sappy Romance Movie? I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite romance movie is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another romance movie review, click here.

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