The Parent Trap: Mischief For Love

Let’s get together and talk about 1961’s Parent Trap where Hayley Mills played both of the twins using some cool cinematography.

Quick Summary~

Sharon and Susan meet at summer camp and at first, can’t stand each other. After being forced roommates they realize they are actually related and not just doppelgangers. They hatch a scheme to swap places to get their parents back together. Oh no, dad has a girlfriend, will their plan succeed?

Comments while watching The Parent Trap

  • Why is the text drippy
  • I like the hearts and cupids
  • Don’t remember the doll intro
  • I like the idea of parent trap idk if it’d actually help

Ah summer camp 

  • Did you forget your name 
  • They aren’t staying in tents?
  • Well that was rude
  • Wow
  • Are you going to ask anything about him
  • I think he’s bored
  • How did no one notice at first
  • Had a cake in your hands 
  • Idk why this is such a spectacle 
  • Actually both of you sound British not like you’re from California or Boston 
  • You’re sitting on the wet porch

I don’t think you’re psychic I think you used logic

  • Gee 
  • I thought you had the farthest cabin?
  • Why would you want a pet skunk
  • You lick your lips a lot
  • Surprised the driver didn’t notice the mumbling 
  • Awkward 
  • She’s already revealed herself like 5 times
  • Grandma has short hair i don’t see the problem 
  • Why does it look like her shirt is on backwards 
  • Oh she’s good
  • Wouldn’t it be father? Not daddy? 
  • Says she doesn’t remember and then starts singing the song immediately trope
  • We are struggling quite a bit

Can’t parent trap the dog

  • Blue carpet 
  • Yes don’t say a word and then spill your guts
  • Trying to make your dad sound like the worst 🤣🤣
  • Echoing your nanny🤣🤣
  • Susie is not being helpful
  • We’re getting a birds and bees talk 🤣🤣
  • Ohhhhh boy why does this sound like my dad 
  • If you’re trying to be her step mom you shouldn’t be a terrible person 
  • And just think you didn’t meet the real Susie
  • Those are two really big clues just saying 
  • Dad respects your opinion just tell him the truth 
  • I would expect that reaction from the real Susan
  • Put together not natural

Don’t mess with the twins they are quite the pranksters

  • Grandma forgets what it’s like to be young 
  • Grandpa is great
  • Where was grandpa going with this conversation 
  • Aw but I liked mom’s old style
  • You didn’t give your twin the downlow
  • Canadian tuxedo
  • You aren’t going to take your bra?
  • I guess not
  • I love their mom
  • Come on dad that’s too big for her
  • And here you are Mrs. Robinson 
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • How has dad not realized the two girls
  • Oh boy 
  • Wet hug
  • Lay it on thick
  • Wow 
  • After joking about what it could look like then do something that could be taken as something else 
  • 🤣🤣🤣

Why can’t they be friends?

  • Yikes she got him good
  • Poor Hicky
  • Wearing black is traditional for performances so I love Sharon dons this tradition 
  • Evil but it’s a decent plan
  • I think mom’s trying to help
  • Just wait they’re getting warmed up 
  • Trick used from beginning
  • Mama bear would tho
  • Begone thot
  • I still can’t tell
  • Finally dad is on board
  • Awww they’re cute 
  • Why did they have it be a dream vs just have it happen

Final Thoughts on the Parent Trap

Originally, I was going to watch all the parent trap movies and do a comparison analysis/ranking but ran out of time. Let me know if you’d like to see that happen.😊

Thank you for reading my take on The Parent Trap, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite version of the Parent Trap. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want to watch something similar, click here. I’ll see you in the next post!

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