Veggietales Jonah: Compassion And Mercy For Kids

Today I’m talking about Veggietales Jonah because we all need compassion and mercy sometimes. Plus I love the opening song of this movie.

Quick Summary~

Bob, Mr. Asparagus, Junior, Laura, and the french peas are on a road trip to go see the Twippo concert. Mr. Aspargus and company are singing songs while Bob tries to navigate. Unfortunately, Bob loses control and crashes. Laura lost her backstage ticket. It’s a bad night. The crew finds themselves at a restaurant where they run into the pirates who don’t do anything who tell them the story of Jonah.

Comments while watching

  • So nostalgic 
  • It was a dark night
  • Billy joe mcguffery!!
  • Poor bob
  • Passenger is supposed to help navigate everyone knows that
  • I need someone to do a cover of this song
  • Passive aggressive Bob
  • Laura shhh
  • Oh nooo
  • Porcupines in the veggietales universe 
  • So close to death

Seafoo d

  • Wow junior
  • Lil dancy dance 
  • Pirates who don’t do anything singing their title song like a sad drinking song不
  • But like 3 adults talking to a kid is creepy 
  • The ONE thing with that ONE guy不不
  • A tab from last week???
  • His camel has a monocle不不
  • Jonah played by Archibald asparagus
  • Reginald 不不
  • Bagels and off brand Starbucks 不不
  • Veggie tango

Random ladies in a wagon

  • Poor mailman 
  • Be careful what you wish for 
  • Not the fish slapping!
  • Cool art style tho
  • Really Jonah you’re gonna play this game with God?
  • Don’t gatekeep Jonah
  • And the Israelites are soooo perfect
  • Moicy
  • Croose
  • The Egypt joke is more of a metaphor if you know what Egypt symbolizes for Israelites 


  • Tic tac toe flag
  • Is this the introduction of Khalil
  • Wow
  • Conviction is never fun
  • What soap opera plot was that 
  • Nightmare sequence 
  • Liar 
  • That line echoes a different bible story
  • Why decide with go fish? The og story has jonah fessing up
  • Ah there it is 

No throwing needed

  • What is going on 
  • Your cousin is gonna be mad
  • Ducky floor 不不
  • Radical change 
  • Ya missed
  • Jaws music不不不
  • Good shot!
  • Big fish 
  • Khalil you chose the worst spot
  • This feels like pinnochio but gepphettos view
  • I love the gospel choir robes 

Song cue

  • Ohhhh yesss
  • What a bop
  • Reginald is back!
  • Peas that are British 
  • Cheese curls??
  • Oh my goodness 
  • Sorry larry has sticky fingers
  • Fish slapped 
  • Why don’t you take snacks so seriously 
  • Oh my goodness jonah 不不
  • Khalil has a word


  • Another good word
  • Ah so you did know his name 
  • Waiiit
  • Wow
  • Awwww 
  • Timing 
  • I’m from AZ, we don’t sound like Archibald but I appreciate it 
  • Show stopper number 
  • Khalil!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my take on Veggietales Jonah, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite Veggietales movie. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want to watch something similar, click here. Ill see you in the next post!

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