Warranted Concern for Legend of Korra

legend of korra

Hey y’all, so remember how I talked about Avatar: The Last Airbender? Today I’m talking about its successor, Legend of Korra. So here goes, spoilers ahead!

Previous exposure of Legend of Korra

When covering a show that’s been out since 2012, you are bound to run into spoilers, especially when it becomes popular again. So here is what I knew before going into this show:

  • Korra isn’t a great character
  • The most interesting part of the series is when they cover the first Avatar
  • Asami and Korra end up together
  • Characterization between the two series is not consistent


Here is the wiki.

Thoughts while watching the seasons

First Season of Legend of Korra

  • Throwback to older Nickelodeon
  • Thanks for showing the Avatars in the intro
  • Oh no she’s a fiery one
    • Character flaw: impatience
    • So she’s stubborn AND impatient? This is going to be a great main character that will definitely not make me angry
    • Another flaw: not being able to say no
    • Another flaw: confrontational 
  • I love Katara
  • Furbaby doggo 😍
  • “Not helpless just pregnant”
  •  Why is this the first time Katara meets her family
  • How did Sokka die??
  • Wouldn’t air and water bending be similar since it is a fluid movement?
  • Aw Bolin is a cutie 
  • Mako is a total hotshot
  • Tenzin is trademark tired dad and 90% of it will be Korra’s fault
  • Are you a criminal? NO

Rescue Mission:

  • Amon’s story sounds suspicious since Zuko’s face was burned and he doesn’t wear a mask and is accepted by society 
  • Chi blocking
  • Ooo compelling development where Korra based her identity on her being the avatar. Let’s see if they do something with it. 
  • Hi Asami
  • Wow it’s a reverse Aang but jokes on you pal, I know how this ends
  • Aww Mako looks adorable 🥺
  • You wanna go on a date then meet my dad after just meeting?
  • Bolin is ready to kick some Tarlock butt
  • Tenzin’s kids are adorable 
  • I love how Tenzin flaps his cape at every opportunity 
  • Lin has a point. Her fame is based on Aang and other avatars. It feels like every avatar has their predecessors projected onto them and Korra has big shoes to fill
  • Your fighting skills are not even that good Korra why would you challenge Amon
  • What have we learned? Tenzin is always right


  • Why not actually kiss? Eskimo kisses are weird
  • Aw Bolin is one of my favorites. But Mako’s obviously jealous 
  • Bolin and Korra have 1 brain cell and they share it
  • What’s the age gap between Mako and Bolin and Korra 
  • Poor Bolin. 😭
  • I really want to watch Korra walk on water to Tenzin’s house
  • No, I want to know why Lin and Tenzin broke up, it would be a better story
  • Why is your fire ferret/red panda thing allowed in the arena?
  • Uppercut replay 🤣🤣
  • I love how the announcers call out the refs blatant disregard for the rules
  • Metal conducts electricity. You know the enemy uses two things: chi blocking and electricity. Why would you do metal armor? 
  • As a fire bender couldn’t you channel the cattle prods, since they are basically electricity?

Post math:

  • “Pabu’s” voice sounds like Mickey mouse
  • It’s the “my cabbages!” guy. I missed him
  • Uh-vatar doesn’t sound like an insult
  • “Better to ask for forgiveness than permission” is a great line in Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • No wonder she ran over mako
  • Why would you tell your friends about what’s actually going on
  •  The note was given to you, not the cop and Tenzin
  • Cool, almost like sonar vision
  • “It’s a trap!” -star wars
  • Asami please stay here so you don’t have to get involved in bender business 
  • Why not use the hooks to your advantage 
  • Firebending street rat? Are we stealing lines from Aladdin now?
  • Say yes Asami then shock your dad
    • Oh man why do I have to be right
  • Beifong was once an outlaw? Seriously the older gen is way more interesting 

Attack on the councilman

  • Is Tarrlok Amon? They have a similar voice and clearly look down on Korra
  • Let the girl cry in peace
  • Naga said no, too many people 
  • No this will make non-benders feel more oppressed. What are you doing? 
  • You sure you want to challenge the avatar mate
  • You forgot blood bending 
  • Maybe now she’ll get the peace and quiet to connect with Aang 
  • Oh yea Tarrlok is totally Amon
  • You could say they are in a secret tunnel 
  • Sokka!! I miss you
  • Why wouldn’t the avatars master blood, lightning, and metal bending
  • Amon’s not a fan of your crap Tarrlok
  • Mako’s like move outta the way, please
  • I love how Bolin stole some food off of Korra’s plate
  • Asami is mad
  • That kid is old enough to be potty trained 
  • Oh dear, oh dear, what a shocking revelation 
  • So Tenzin will take the fall for whatever happens 
  • Mako don’t be mad at Korra because you are having relationship problems

Amon’s takeover

  • Have the tanks grab buildings, each other, anything really
  • That looks like a 45-degree angle which means a rough landing
  • Meelo grosses me out
  • Aw Rohan is a cute name 
  • Tenzin has honestly been the best teacher so far but we didn’t really get to see katara teach so…
  • Naga is having none of your stuff today
  • Why not use clouds to shroud your family
  • Why is that Zuko’s voice on someone, not the same age Zuko was in the original series 
  • Tore down tyrannical power only to install a new tyrannical government 
  • Mako that sounds like a love declaration for someone who can’t decide between two very viable bachelorettes 
  • Wow the blindfolded taking away bending line reminds me of some real-life events from ~2011
  • Oh henry ford just became the wright bros
  • You fight just like your grandpa Iroh
  • I wish Naga gave Bolin a cowlick 
  • Well I called that Amon was a bender
  • Seriously, Naga is the best sidekick 
  • Not a good idea to announce your betrayal dude
  • Are we going to have some magic stupidity to restore Korra’s bending?
  • Another love declaration? Really.
  • Wow that lasted all of 5 minutes
  • Katara is not the best healer anymore 
  • The ending is mega rushed

When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change

-Legend of Korra, season 1

Second Season of Legend of Korra

  • Man some classic irony to start the season? Nice
  • Yea, where’s Mako and Korra
  • Family road trip 
  • Korra stop being a brat
  • Trust me, Korra can get in trouble by herself 
  • Varrick wants to invent movies
  • He’s so eccentric I love it😍
  • “You amuse me I will make you mine.” “Like a boyfriend or a slave?” 🤣🤣
  • I’m with Mako make up your mind Korra
  • Obviously an angry spirit 
  • This feels like a scooby doo episode 
  • Are we just going to ignore what happened last season
  • Is this the season we collect all of Aang’s kids

Korra is a problem child

  • Please don’t follow your heart Korra, you’re young
  • Thanks for single-handedly reviving the air benders
  • Sweet home Alabama 
  • Feeble turtle-duck? 
  • I bet broski was set up
  • Oh, man dishonor! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your whole family 
  • Korra why are you the way that you are
  • In this season they ramped up the confrontational part of Korra’s character to a 10
  • Phase 1 of the villain’s plan complete 
  • Korra you messed up
  • Isn’t this the plot of Frozen but dumber
  • So Aang showed favorites? Yikes
  • Bolin is here foreshadowing 
  • No, you just want Korra to help the villain obtain his goals 
  • You were really going to be jerks to children?
  • Bumi looks like a younger version of his namesake
  • Wow stubbornness runs in the family 
  • No no he’s nice
  • Ummmm a wedding color is a bit weird in this context just saying 
  • Don’t be rash but I bet she’s going to be rash
    • Haha I knew ittttt
  • Aw poor Bumi
  • Wow just like Bolin called it before 
  • Avatars have totally participated in wars
  • Varrick is my new favorite
  • We officially have the Zuko of the show 
  • Gathered in front of Sokka’s statue 
  • That’s emotional manipulation 
  • Officially jonah and the whale
  • Oh we’re doing the trope of fake avatar death 
  • Varrick’s movie🤣🤣
  • Varrick as a villain…cool
  • Good thing Korra is world-famous

The episode I was warned about

  • Now avatar is stealing Aladdin
  • Really cool animation style for arguably the best episode 
  • Join the hunt? Is this from myths of old?
  • Ooo the lion turtle
  • He doesn’t go back to lion turtle 
  • I like Wan
  • So the fire benders dragon dance from wan. Dang
  • Can you pick a story you’re trying to steal
  • Wan reminds me of Aang
  • Vaatu and Raava’s designs are sad compared to other spirits

Time for the final battle

  • Now she has a bison
  • Jinora’s spirit friends are so cute
  • Opening the portal is more important than your son? You monster
  • This seems different than the spirit world from the original series
  • Hot-headed Korra back at it again
  • Uncle Iroh!!!
  • Good puppies
  • Nm bad spirits
  • Casually rips suit
  • Aw it’s the stage he started on
  • It’s a show within a show within a show 
  • Nah it’s time to get Team Avatar back 
  • Asami is mad
  • Bumi is a one-man army
  • Welp time to duke it out
  • Wow, only by facing his fear is he free
  • The power of friendship 
  • That was a really short boss battle 
  • A new age? Cute

Third Season of Legend of Korra

  • Bumi can air bend now
  • Aw she has the glider thing now
  • A surge of air benders? 
  • Tenzin and his family are so cute
  • Loving the new villain 
  • Bolin’s like “you’re my brother now”
  • Jinora you really know how to pick them
  • Zuko!!
  • Mako and Bolin found their family🥺
  • I’m with the guy 
  • I’m Bolin at family functions
  • Thank you, Asami for covering
  • Again older-gen seems so much more interesting 

More Airbenders and Toph’s family

  • Wouldn’t you need to be a citizen of Ba Sing Se to be constricted
  • No please don’t get rid of Tenzin
  • Lin definitely knows Zaofu
  • Did you have to pop her ball??
  • Don’t teach the suspicious guy air bending 
  • Lin go say hi!! 
  • Power disc looks like so much fun
  • Opal is so cute
  • Lin’s sister is adorable 
  • Meelo as a teacher 🤣🤣
  • You have all kinds of people in your family
  • Varrick!! 
  • Saryk has a point
  • Say what you want but Bolin does have a wide taste in women. 
  • Opal, it’s not your fault 
  • Poor zhu li
  • Her first metal bend looks like a splash in the water
  • You wanna know how I got these scars? My sister hit me in the face.
  • Why would there be written police reports when the chief of police is blind?
  • Your poor architect husband
  • So what do you want Lin
  • One step at a time
  • How do you know where Korra is

Tired dad & Team Avatar’s A plot

  • Ok, remember tired dad? 10% are his students
  • Bumi I think you’re advice backfired 
  • Jinora you’re ~10. You are not an adult
  • Wow Bumi, step up
  • So much for the safest city in the world 
  • I can? I do?
  • Free pumice stones
  • Sounds like Su needs a new advisor 
  • Ting-ting🤣🤣
  • Girl time!
  • Why would you wear bright yellow cloaks if undercover 
  • White lotus, red lotus, are there more?
  • All the bad guys are connected 
  • He wants anarchy 
  • He didn’t say which 2 out of 3
  • Asami could totally make a deal with the earth queen for better airships if she wasn’t the bad guy
  • Being a guard in this universe would suck
  • He just took her breath away

The end of a season in Legend of Korra

  • Funny you should mention that grandma 
  • Good to see classes are going better
  • Of course, they’re platinum
  • Bolin why not turn the stairs into a slide
  • 1 down 3 to go
  • I want to know if there are coffee benders running a coffee shop
  • Korra, Kiyoshi moved an entire continent 
  • Mako, did you learn that move from season 1?
  • She needs more of a mental break it looks like
  • What are y’all going to do when Korra dies
  • Awww the first air bender master ceremony in a generation 🥺

Fourth Season of Legend of Korra

  • Wu is a worse version of Varrick
  • Zhu li works so hard
  • Kuvira is scary 
  • Oh boy
  • PT with katara
  • The letters are so on point 
  • Puppy!!
  • Asami and Korra are close
  • Why wouldn’t you take naga
  • Toph!!

Naivete witnessing the truth

  • She’s a liar and manipulator 
  • Now he’s parroting her
  • Thanks for the flashbacks to remind us of all the losses Korra has suffered 
  • Seriously toph needed the kick her butt into gear
  • So ford, wright, and now tesla/Edison 
  • I ship Varrick & Zhu Li
  • That’s why they have metal on their uniforms, it’s a collar
  • Aww Asami’s dad🥺
  • More manipulation? Yay
  • Does Bolin know what happens after they leave? 
  • Don’t threaten Bolin
  • Su should have done it 
  • I thought Asami went to the park to be reminded of Korra. Guess not.
  • It’s a mental breakdown ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶
  • My two faves teamed up this will be great 

A Team United

  • The one time you don’t watch him pee
  • You had to wink at the guy didn’t you, Varrick
  • Bro don’t you know not to mess with the spirit forest
  • Why are we recapping? I’m skipping to new stuff
  • Korra has a point 
  • Yes please give all the hugs
  • Pabu your parents are divorcing 
  • All for the ladies? Idk how to tell you Wu but she’s not your girl
  • More Toph? Yes, please 
  • Why would you carry it on your person? 
  • Family, am I right?
  • Bolin is me, c’mon Varrick
  • Wu’s character growth is amazing. Not as good as Zuko’s though
  • Team avatar is back again 

Last battle and the end of Legend of Korra

  • Is this Danganrompa 3: Ultra Despair Girls
  • Yes, my ship has sailed!!!
  • The guy from season 1 is a trombone player now 
  • Meaning in suffering

Final Thoughts:

You may have noticed in my comments how I wish we would have gotten to see more of the older generation. This stands true. The older generation and even the side characters are more interesting than Korra and that’s probably my biggest problem with Legend of Korra. I would have rather seen a show where I watched Aang after he defeats the fire lord and has kids. Show me everyone struggling as parents and drifting apart as friends. Or show me the perspective of someone who wasn’t the avatar and their struggles to help.

While the villains are good, I probably would have swapped the first and second season’s villains because it feels weird to have Korra struggling diplomatically only to have a spiritual-based villain then go back to having more diplomatic struggles. My favorite characters by far were Varrick and Bolin. I have a friend who reminds me of Bolin which is an added bonus. Lastly, I know people either love or hate the ending of season 4, but I think it was ok. It’s not as explicit as other shows in the messages or themes they were trying to convey but I recognize that it was probably revolutionary for the time even if I don’t personally ship it.

Thank you for reading Legend of Korra: Warned and Warranted, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite Legend of Korra character is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here.

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