West Side Story: Love & Dance

Hey y’all, today “something’s coming”. It’s 1961’s West Side Story in honor of the remake that came out in 2021.

Quick Summary~

West Side Story is Romeo and Juliet set in 1960’s Manhattan. Instead of the Montagues and the Capulets, we have two opposing gangs: the Jets and the Sharks.

I got to see West Side Story at Grand Canyon University before Covid and it’s cool. This musical has a very distinct dance style and the songs

Comments while watching West Side Story

  • I was really confused about the slowly changing colors for the title
  • Now a really boring pan to set the scene
  • Aggressively snapping 
  • I like how the music feels like they are going to explode but so far it’s aggressive dancing and snapping 
  • Over the top dance fights are exactly what I signed up for 
  • Not cool

Gang business is gang business 

  • Characterization of the Jets the song
  • I love Something’s Coming
  • Anita is my favorite 
  • That was a trippy transition 
  • Good idea bad execution 
  • Bad blurring out everyone out
  • T pose dance
  • Awkward staring 
  • Had Tony not worn his yellow jacket they wouldn’t know he’s a jet
  • The whole commercial 🤣🤣
  • My favorite song of the whole movie
  • So in some versions of the song, it’s one of the girls against America (like this one).
  • Tony you’re so loud shhhhh

“I only just met you and I love you”

  • Tony is short for Anton
  • Look how cute planning their second date 
  • I love the humor in Gee Officer Krupke and all the pantomime 
  • Aw they didn’t do the kneeling part of the choreography 
  • The Lieutenant specifically picks fights 
  • There’s intermission in this movie??
  • Famous song outside of Broadway world
  • Anita knows how to keep a secret 
  • I thought Tony was an orphan 
  • This is the equivalent of Romeo and Juliet’s wedding scene??? Oh boy

Oh no the angry music is back 

  • Poor Anita
  • He tried to stop it 
  • Somewhere is just ok almost fell asleep ngl
  • Mercy on the poor soul who told Anita her lover is dead 
  • Touchy subject 
  • Cool is another one of my favorite songs out of context. Essentially it’s cool your jets the song
    • Holding it in like this isn’t healthy tho
  • Are y’all going to turn out the lights 
  • This was the first song I heard from this musical because a couple of theater kids were going to sing it as a duet for CAFT I think
  • Leave her alone you goons 
  • Thank you Doc
  • Goodbye Tony

Final Thoughts on West Side Story

Thank you for reading my take on West Side Story, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite song. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want to watch something similar, click here. I’ll see you in the next post!

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