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Game Development Projects (+ links!)

Ahhh… game development. What game development project are you working on right now? Currently, I am working on MurderMystery2020, coming soon to a ChickenStarRocket near you. Why did you stop working on What’s the Story: The Saga Continues? In short, I needed a break from that story. I had been working on it since December and just when I thought I was close to finishing it, something would come up to make it not work properly. Past Game Development Projects: Solo Projects: Murder Mystery: Cold Case Actually, it can actually be played here on! Maybe it will give you… Read More

Anime Terminology

Hello people, who may or may not know anything about anime, this is for you. Check out some anime terminology! sunnysideupHey y’all, it’s the author of ChickenStarRocket! So excited for you to be here. Thank you for perusing my posts, it means a lot. Hope you have a great day.