Let it Snow: a Collection of Stories

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Hey, y’all, it’s the last Wednesday of November and thus today will be the last book I’ll cover for a bit. Today, I’ll be talking about Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.


So this is three stories in one book, each author taking on one story. The first one is The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson. The second is A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green. The third is The Patron Saint of Pigs by Lauren Myracle. I received “Let it Snow” last Christmas and tried to read it once before but didn’t get very far. In July of 2020, I woke up at 5:30 am and said, yep this is what I’m doing today. And so I did. At 352 pages, it’s not a long read. I finished it at ~12:30 pm.

The Jubilee Express

This is the first story you read and in the timeline. Jubilee is our protagonist and she starts off the novel saying no, she’s not a stripper. She’s a good student dating getting ready for her evening at her pretty-perfect boyfriend, Noah’s family Christmas party where he promises they’ll be able to spend some time together. They’ve been dating for about a year.

Change of plans and now she’s on a train to Florida. When the train is unable to move forward due to the snowstorm, she finds herself in Grace town. Outside, she spots a Waffle House. Not wanting to stay with the cheerleaders, she made an offer for Jeb–a guy she met on the train and shared a pizza with–to come with her. There she meets the local tin foil man, the guy running the joint, and Stuart. He offers for her to come home with him. Unfortunately, Jeb and the cheerleaders followed her. Fortunately, she says yes.

My thoughts

For a story that starts off talking about strippers, it’s pretty good. It feels like Marshall’s Law in a Christmas story. At a certain part, it reminded me of To Build a Fire by Jack London. While I didn’t think the story was heading in that direction, it crossed my mind briefly. When Stuart’s mom came, she became my favorite character. Peak comedy. Although this story was good, I have a few questions. Is the reader to assume Noah is cheating on Jubilee?

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle

After Jubilee’s story, the story shifts to an entirely new perspective. In this story, we follow Tobin, JP, and the Duke. What was supposed to be an evening watching Bond movies turns into a three-way race to Waffle House to help their friend impress some cheerleaders? Shenanigans ensue.

My thoughts

As a follower of John Green for years, this met my expectations. And yet, it felt more personable. For some reason, JP reminds me of Hank Green, his brother. I can picture John coming up with the title and saying it on Vlogbrothers, the Youtube channel John and Hank run. Tobin’s inner monologue about the complexities of friends to lovers sounds like John Green but is also totally relatable and I’ve been there. In this story, you learn the guy who runs Waffle House in The Jubilee Express is Keun and he’s friends with these dorks and Jeb is still hanging out at the Waffle House because Keun offered him a ride home. A quick note I made was the Duke is the second female character to continue the anti cheerleader trend.

Patron Saint of Pigs

Remember Jeb? His ex-girlfriend, Addie is the POV character of this story. She’s mentioned in the other stories but I forgot to mention her. Addie is a self-absorbed girl who starts the story whining over how much her life sucks. She ends the story, a better person with many new friends and maybe even a boyfriend.

My thoughts

This one is by far my favorite. While Patron Saint carries the theme of romance from the other two stories, I don’t think it’s the focus of this one in favor of self-development. It’s so satisfying watching the ending come together. All of the characters meeting each other is one of the best parts of this book. Another great part is Addie being called out on her BS. The allusions/analysis of Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright and It’s a Wonderful Life is wonderful.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, Let it Snow is a great read in July or around Christmas time. One of my favorite parts about the book as a whole was its building on itself. Characters introduced in The Jubilee Express come back in The Patron Saint of Pigs. In my opinion, The Cheertastic Christmas Miracle and Patron Saint of Pigs were better than Jubilee Express.

Thank you for reading my take on Let it, Snow, I appreciate it. Comment below what your craziest holiday experience is. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing list, and if you like this check out this romance book!

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