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Happy national write a book month. In honor of this great month, all month I’ll be talking about books I’ve read. To start, I’m going to talk about my favorite Webtoons.

Now I know Webtoons are webcomics and may not be considered novels. I find I don’t have as much time to read as I once did. Webcomics function a lot like the old days of Wattpad back when it was free. Episodes upload as per the author’s schedule and all of them have beautiful artwork. Today, I’m talking about my favorites in no particular order.

Top Completed Webtoons

Warning Label. Imagine if every time someone hit on you (or vise versa) a list of all of your worst qualities/flaws appear before them. Finding love in spite of this curse is the premise of this Webtoon. I love the main characters. It would take a lot of courage and I love one of their first dates being a board game cafe and you find out she works for the company who made the game. I love how it isn’t a perfect relationship.

Your Letter. This is a scavenger hunt within a webcomic. The main character finds mysterious letters hidden seemingly just for her and goes down the rabbit hole with a reluctant partner. What lies at the end? Find out…

House of Stars. This is Alice in Wonderland meets classic fairytales. The main character must free this fantasy land from the grip of the evil queen and in order to do that she must undergo many trials not rigged in her favor. Her companion is a knight enslaved to the queen. Will she come out on top? Who knows…

Gourmet Hound. Lucy has two unusual talents: her senses and her strength. After her grandmother died, she is on the hunt for a certain taste from a restaurant they used to visit together. It’s an incredible story about grief and how food can really bring people together.

Crumbs. When a witch girl with the power to see the future moves to the big city for an internship, she finds love at a coffee shop that allows you to buy magically infused goodies.

Top Ongoing Webtoons

Fantasy Romance:

Siren’s Lament. Have you ever experienced heartbreak so intense you wish you could forget? A siren’s kiss frees the siren to live a normal human life and enslaves the human, taking their memories and giving them a hunger to be human. But what happens if the kiss doesn’t work all the way?

Lore Olympus. Imagine all of the Greek mythology being carried out in a modern way while being centered on Hades and Persephone’s romance.

Scorching Romance. She’s too hot, he’s too cold. Literally. She will die if she can’t find her true love soon. Will these two realize they were made for each other?

Other Romance:

True Beauty. Insecure about her looks, the main character finds a passion for makeup and now runs a somewhat double life with her “normal” face and her normal face. She finds love, heartbreak, and opportunities to use her talents for good. It’s a powerful message about self-image and self-worth.

Miss Abbott and the Doctor. This is gender-bent Tarzan if Tarzan was taken from the jungle in her teens.

Let’s Play. Sam is a software engineer by day and an indie game developer by night. She thought her dreams had come true when her favorite ViewTuber played her game Ruminate but he played it wrong and his fans attacked her for it, tanker her reviews. Guess who is conveniently her new next-door neighbor? Yet that’s not her only option. There’s also Link, her childhood friend, and Charles, her charming Welsh coworker. Who will she choose?

My Deepest Secret. The main character is dating a yandere but doesn’t realize it. I mean, he seems so nice and caring.

Age Matters. Fresh out of luck and a job, the main character goes to stay with a friend. The next morning, she finds herself left with her friend’s job as a maid to the guy next door. Turns out he’s a young entrepreneur running a multimillion-dollar company akin to Facebook or Snapchat.


Purple Hyacinth. The main character is a cop and a living lie detector haunted by a case. The city is plagued by the mafia. One day she teams up with the most notorious assassin, the Purple Hyacinth. Together they attempt to take down the mafia but the deeper they go, the more she learns about the case she can’t let go.

Tower of God. Trapped in a tower, the main character’s only option is to go up for a chance to obtain the prize of one wish. His wish? To be reunited with his friend. In order to climb the tower, he must conquer many tests. This one is now an anime on Crunchyroll.

GremoryLand. When a bunch of childhood friends gets tickets to a new theme park, they are all excited. Yet when they arrive, something is wrong. They are trapped and now need to find a means of escape. Warning: this is a horror webcomic. However, I like this one better than some of the others I have read. Mainly due to there being moments of relief between the tension.

Waffles & Pancakes. A grumpy friend has a friend that is a dumpster fire, chaos and hilarity ensue.

The Wolfman of Wulvershire. A murder mystery in a Webtoon, the main character must figure out whodunnit while uncovering other scandals (and maybe being a part of a few herself) in the past and present.

Final Thoughts:

Thank you so much for reading about my favorite webcomics, I appreciate it. Comment below if you like Webtoon and your personal favorites. If you like what I do, consider subscribing to my mailing subscriber list and if you want to read a short story formatted like Webtoons/Wattpad, click here. If you want a printable version of this list, click here. I’ll see you in the next post!

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