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If you know me at all, you know my preferences in video games are on the indie side. I don’t mind AAA titles like Mario but something about indie games is so impressive. Maybe it’s the smaller teams or the less is more ideology or the creativity but I love it all. Hue is an indie game that starts in a world of black and grey and becomes vivacious the more you play.

Who made Hue?

According to Twitter, this game was made by Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha. You can find them and their works here and here. The game itself places its location in England. Henry is a developer for Newfangled Games (link here). However, if you Google the game the developers are Fiddlesticks and Fiddlesticks Games Limited.

How did you get it?

I’m not sponsored by Epic Games but they have free games every Thursday. Sometimes it has multiple games, sometimes it is expensive games, and sometimes it’s diamond in the rough indie games like Hue.

What’s Hue about?

It’s a 2D puzzle platformer that explores the story of a mom and son which makes it perfect for February when everyone talks about love and relationships. Mom was a scientist researching colors now trapped within the rainbow. You know what they say, feel the rainbow, get trapped in the rainbow. (Sorry). You play as her son, collecting the colors and helping the townsfolk led by a mysterious cloaked man.

The core mechanics

Once you obtain a color you add it to your color wheel where you flip between the colors. Therein lies the core game mechanic for the puzzles. It’s very clever as you can flip back and forth and it keeps you from going to certain areas too early. The other mechanics let you walk, jump, climb ladders, just like any other platformer (think Mario if you don’t know what a platformer is).

Initial feedback for Hue

  • Very unique mechanic 
  • Few puzzles were truly frustrating, all of the gameplay balanced 
  • Story was cute 
  • I was confused about the player’s relationship with the lady. At first, I thought wife or brother then it drops mom. So… it’s a little thing. Also is prof the dad? He’s not referred to as such but you follow him the whole game. Mom seemed to have a romance with him…if not where’s dad?
  • So satisfying getting all the colors and you think that’s the only mechanic but no and I love it.

Takeaway several months later

The game’s backstory begs the question of “do the ends justify the means? Is the price of progress worth it?” The research was dangerous and mom cannot come back to the “normal” world. Not only that, but mom doomed her son to be in the rainbow with her (at least to my understanding).

I will say it reminds me of the allegory of the cave where once you’ve seen the light that you share the gift of knowledge with others only to be rejected for your ideals. (link for the allegory here). Although I am unsure of what to think about the research, I will say it is my personal canon that the professor is your dad since this game also has a central theme around family. Overall a very cute game and I wish more people knew about it/played it.

Final Notes

Thank you for reading my take on Hue: an indie game, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite color is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another indie game, click here.

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