Rise of the Owl: Start

Hello rookie, my name is Mariam Turner. Welcome to the OWL unit, a group of police dedicated to tracking down famous criminal mastermind the OWL. I have two cold cases for you as a sort of test, your objective: figure out who did it, how, and why. I am certain they are connected somehow. This could be the start of a promising detective career for you.

Mariam Turner

Instruction to start you off:

You will be presented with puzzles, brainteasers, and other things in each post. They will contain passwords. In order to unlock the next post, you must enter the password from your current post. Just as a note, my playtesters have found that working in groups works better than working by themselves. If the QR code doesn’t work, click here. That’s your only copy so hold onto it in a new “tab”. 

Your Tool-kit you will probably not need to reuse all the sources but I’d screenshot it…

When you enter the password, input it in all lower case, no spaces. For victim 1: input the password here. For victim 2: put it here. To get to the end you must solve both victim 1 and victim 2’s storyline to get passwords which combined will be the password to the finale. Good luck!

Puzzle Start:

Victim One Start

Who was murdered?

  • Cora
  • Ella
  • Felix
  • Grace (AP)
  • Harley (AP)
  • Hazel
  • Kai (AP)
  • Maverick (AP)
  • Noah
  • Nora
  • Ollie (AP)
  • Piper
  • Wes

Vic 1’s name: Start of American independence, end of English meadow, the start of Latin happiness & fortunate, end of the English tree, end of the English long field, the start of the Hebrew rest & repose, the start of the Irish Light. AP, No, No, No, AP, No, No.

Hint: it’s none of the names listed.

Victim 2 Start

Chapter X: Back at the 9 to 5

Bryce is sitting at his desk, unaware he is about to be murdered. He is diligently looking over the numbers for this month’s quota. All is quiet, save for the clicking of the numbers put into the calculator and the gentle lilt of the classical music playing from the aux cord in the background. His desk faces the giant window in his apartment that overlooks the city. The wife has gone for wine and book club which is all for the better. Bryce has deadlines to meet. 

Break time and all is well. Time for more tea and stretch. Bryce’s phone lights up. It’s the wife saying she won’t be home for several more hours. He thinks about inviting over the hookup. He is on a break after all. She says she’s busy but can be over in about an hour. 

Back to work until then. Bryce is buried in work so he can play. He feels arms wrap around him in a tender embrace. Hands work on the button on his shirt, then the tie. The tie is around his neck, the soft satin on his flesh. 

“Hang on dear, I’m almost-”

Boom, he dies. The culprit fixes the shirt and tie and walks out the door hidden under the cover of night. 


Warning: please do not take this game as inspiration for your life. Do not commit murder or suicide. This is meant to be fun. There are no pictures of gore in this game but some possibly sensitive subjects. So continue at your own risk.

The sidebar is part of my blog, you will not need it for puzzles.

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