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Hello, my name is Mariam Turner. You proved yourselves useful in solving the cold cases (I assume) and thus you can work on a real case this time. Once again, you will have to solve brainteasers, puzzles, riddles, and more to solve this mystery. Due to the feedback from the cold cases, I will be providing “links” to the next “post”. Since it is your first REAL case, I will also be providing a toolkit of sorts located here. There’s also a hints tool here. Don’t abuse it though. This is a test after all. That’s your only copy so hold onto it in a new “tab”. The password for the toolkit is ‘toolKit’ and the password for the hints is ‘hints’. Clever, I know but this is only the start.

Darn newfangled technology, why can’t it be like the old days.

If you get stuck, make sure to read everything carefully and see if anything in your toolkit can help you. (There are hints there too). Generally, something will only be used once so once you’ve used something, you can probably close it. To access the next “post” enter the name of the hotel here like if it’s the duck hotel, enter duck into the password instead of saying a word that sounds like duck. This is only the start, you know.

What do you mean you haven’t read the case file? Man, you really are hopeless. Here, now start!

The creator would like me to tell you that this game contains references to murder and some other bad things so it’s not for the faint of heart. She would also like me to tell you to not take this game as an inspiration from or for “real life”, that it’s meant to be fun.

Oh boy, oh boy do I hate newfangled technology. I can’t wait to watch these kids struggle and fail. I’ve been a cop for 10 years now and I love torturing the new recruits. It’s so much fun berating them, molding, and shaping them to become better. If only they knew my secret. Maybe in a few years, I will reveal myself. But for now, certainly not. Their skills are nowhere near what it needs to be. Plus the owl is still on the loose. They will need to become much stronger to bring them down.

  • white board & white board markers or pen / paper
  • computer
  • a few friends (?)

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