My Sims Kingdom: Magic And Architecture Collide

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Hey, y’all hope you had a great holiday season. Today I’m talking about one of my favorite games of all time: My Sims Kingdom. Check it out here!

When I was younger, I received this Sims game from my aunt. Since receiving it I have beaten it ~3-5 times all the way through so that should say something. Just so you know this is for the Wii version as I haven’t played the other versions and it looks different on the consoles.

So what’s My Sims Kingdom about?

You play as a wizard appointed by Merlin and the king of this land. You are given a magic staff that can build and make things. With your best friends, Lindsay and Buddy you traverse the entire kingdom helping people. You travel to all kinds of places with all kinds of themes and aesthetics. You don’t have all the knowledge you need to help them right away and gain more scrolls to unlock more cool and exciting things to build. Every piece you put down costs mana and if you run out, you have to get more through Lindsay who is able to transform objects into mana with her magic bag.

When you complete the game, you are given an island for all of your hard work. This island is special as anything you put down doesn’t cost mana meaning you can build whatever you want. After the credits roll, you also receive more requests from all the islands you visited basically giving you a chance to replay the game again. The challenges are different but just as much fun.

Is it ok for kids?

Heck yes. I loved this game as a kid and I will play it to this day. It does require a bit of reading as none of the characters speak English but my sister who hates reading loves this game. Also, you should know they do have seances in the game. It’s not scary but in some instances, you don’t have a choice but to participate. My mom wasn’t thrilled about this aspect but I only thought of it as a way to get what I needed.

Things I love about My Sims Kingdom

  • It allows you to get creative in solving the problems. Yes, they have requirements but how you fulfill them is entirely up to you. If you want to put in more effort than needed you can.
  • The different aesthetics. They have a cowboy island, goth island, prep school island, Shakespeare island, prehistoric island, cute island, and more. The makers do an excellent job of paying attention in details of every aesthetic down to the kinds of materials you unlock and any crossovers. So something in the prehistoric aesthetic like a dinosaur head might be considered spooky and can be used for that.
  • The storylines for each island. One island is an island inhabited by elves. One is traditional and the other wants a hot tub. When you arrive, all the unicorns have disappeared so in order for them to come back, you have to fix their plumbing so their plants have water, rebuild their temple (the elf used the wood from the temple for his hot tub), help their frog friend get back to normal, and put on a rock concert. This is one of the shorter islands but imagine the creativity!
  • Customizable character. In the beginning, you are able to choose what your character looks like and have a couple of outfits to choose from. As you go to more islands, some characters thank you for a job well done by giving you more clothes.
  • The creatures. They have two robots, pigs, hedgehogs, bears, zombies, vampires, cavemen, unicorns, and dinosaurs you can meet and interact with.

What I didn’t like about this game

  • Buddy and Lindsay are a little annoying as they follow you everywhere. I’m a little mean too. At the prehistoric island, there’s a cage because a paleontologist captures the dinosaur. I may or may not lock them inside every time.
  • The building mechanic for placing things can be a little finicky. It’s why I am so patient. Just kidding.
  • There’s a lot of material gathering in this game. In order to unlock new building stuff, they have you get materials. So at every island know you will fish, mine, and metal detect all over the place. You will probably also pull weeds, collect fruit, and maybe even chop down a tree or 7.

Final thoughts

This review is a love letter to a game I loved as a child and still love to this day. I love games like Stardew Valley but they don’t quite capture everything I loved about this game. I don’t know why. Maybe nostalgia? Who knows.

Thank you for reading my take on My Sims Kingdom, I appreciate it. Comment below if you’d play this game and your take. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another game from my childhood, check this out. See you in the next post!

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