Phantom Boy: Illness Gives Superpowers

Hello, people who may or may not like movies that are sad if you think about them, this is for you. Check out my take on Phantom Boy!

What is Phantom Boy about?

Happy spooky season! Phantom Boy is a GKIDS film about a boy passionate about detective stories who is ill but is able to leave his body as a ghost-like version of himself and float around New York City. One day the power goes out and the villain–a mobster who looks like his face is reminiscent of Picasso’s Buste de Femme–states he’s the new king of New York and if he doesn’t get an x-amount of dollars he will release the virus he made upon the city.

In comes the detective–a guy passionate about his job but causes trouble for his higher-ups. He was stationed at the docks the night the lights went out and saw the new so-called monarch. The mobster gravely injures the detective which lands him in the hospital with the phantom boy. They make it their mission to solve the case of who the mobster is, where he is hiding, and how to shut down the virus and save the city. They engage the help of the detective’s love interest, the reporter.

Is it ok for kids?

I would say this movie is for kids but it does cover some sad topics like a kid dying of a–I think–terminal disease so you might get questions like “parental unit, why did that boy shave his head? Why are his mommy and daddy crying? Why does he collapse?” It is rated PG though so…

Things I liked:

  • Phantom boy’s art style reminds me of Picasso and I think it’s cool to watch
  • The main character is so brave and doesn’t complain once about his illness or how much pain he’s in or anything. He’s also selfless as in he’s willing to sacrifice himself for a stranger.
  • The villain keeps trying to tell his backstory but everyone else is like no
  • There are lots of flying about in Phantom Boy New York in this movie so you get to see a lot of beautiful scenery.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Not a big deal but one of the backgrounds were reused.
  • I was confused by the dog’s loyalties.
  • The goons were pretty much useless. They were only needed for like two scenes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I give this movie a 7/10. Thank you for reading my take on “Phantom Boy”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite GKids film. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click below

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