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Hello people, who may or may not like Disney’s comfiest princess, this is for you. Check out my take on Wreck-it Ralph 2! 

Honestly, this movie has been on my list for a while. I loved the first Wreck-it Ralph. It had a great message encouraging us to embrace ourselves despite our flaws. It tackled bullying and conflict between the many and the few. The movie features a bunch of video games, fictional and nonfictional. It feels like one huge cross-over. Wreck-it Ralph 2 has this and more.

What is Wreck-it Ralph 2 about?

The movie picks up 6 years later, Vanellope and Ralph do the same routine every single day. They work at the arcade then hang out all night. Vanellope asks Ralph if he ever gets tired of doing the same thing day in and day out. He says no, the ideal day would be able to just spend all his time with her. (So cute)! One day, the owner of the arcade plugs in Wifi, and Surge Protector rushes in, immediately blocking it off saying it’s not safe. Not long after, Vanellope–and subsequently Ralph–break Sugar Rush and they dive into the internet after the only steering wheel part on the internet. They go to eBay and bid on the part. Since Ralph and Vanellope don’t know how eBay works, they have to somehow raise $27,001.00 in a few hours. They go to a bunch of different parts of the internet trying to get the money.  

Is Wreck-it Ralph 2 for kids?

At first glance, you could say yes. I would say yes but have a talk with your kid beforehand.


There is an uncomfortable amount of advertising in this movie. Google, eBay, Pinterest, Twitter, OhMyDisney, YouTube, and many others are a part of this movie. Those are just the ones I remember, there are so many more. Now, I feel very strongly against advertising to children. Especially when they aren’t told it’s an ad. Young kids don’t necessarily know what advertisements are, where seemingly trustworthy people are told to say things to get you to go to certain websites or buy certain things.

 What I liked:

  • Vanellope is still one of my favorite characters of all time.
  • Shank is a chill character who isn’t what you expect from a game reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto.
  • The messages of this movie. “Not all best friends have to have the same dreams.” It’s ok for best friends to walk different roads. It is not ok to be possessive over your friends and not let them pursue their dreams. 
  • Vanellope and Ralph actually talk through their insecurities. They really are best friends. 
  •  Felix and Sergeant Calhoun are so cute as parents. 
  • Ralph trying to do all the trends on BuzzTube was a great way to poke fun at some of the things the internet has made popular over the years
  • The movie is incredibly informative about how the internet works and some of the things on the internet like pop-up ads and darknet and viruses and spam.
  • The one famous scene with the Disney princesses was top notch. Actually, I take it back all of the scenes with the Disney princesses were great.  
  • Yesss and KnowsMore are also great new characters. Yesss is just fabulous all around. She has a very profound moment about the comments section which I think is a great message. KnowsMore is helpful and a great seer/navigator type of character. He values manners which I love.

What I didn’t like:

  • Excessive advertising. I cannot condone it in a children’s movie. 
  • Felix in the bar with Ralph. It was kind of off-putting. I get it’s a classic parenting joke of kids being the reason why you drink. That being said, I wish they showed Felix dealing with his tension in a different way. Let’s not encourage alcohol as an answer on how to deal with our issues. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I give this movie a 4/10. I may only have two reasons for not liking this movie but for some reason, I didn’t find myself enjoying this movie nearly as much as the first one. Check out my review for ‘Only Yesterday’ which is another movie I didn’t like as much. Happy watching! 

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