Data Visualization for a Midterm & Final Project


Hey y’all, today I’m talking about my Data Visualization class I took where I essentially made pretty graphs for school. My midterm project was on personal data and the final project was on Nintendo.

What did you make the graphs with?

Most of these are made with R Studio but I also used Canva and Photoshop.

Midterm Data Visualization: Personal Data

What data did you record?

The hours of sleep I got per night, number of steps per day, and ounces of water consumed per day.

What kind of graphs did you made?

Primarily bar graphs because making anything else in R studio twists a particularly prickly thorn in my side, but I initially made an incorrect pie graph.

An incorrect pie graph of my water intake. Comment below if you know what’s wrong with this graph.

The above are okay by themselves but a visualization should be able to be a stand alone thing where you can glean as much information as possible by looking at it. They need to be easy to read, and actually correct graphs that don’t mislead/misinform/confuscate the information or the reader. An example of this is the idea of correlation is not causation. If there’s a positive correlation between violence and video games, that doesn’t mean video games are the cause of violence.

Did you make any cool conclusions?

Midterm Report

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t surprised by these results. When the semester gets going, the amount of sleep and steps I get decreases by a lot. This was a session A class–only from August-October–and I didn’t continue to record the data after the class was done. So, not really but I think it’s cool to see.

Final Data Visualization: Nintendo

What data did you record and where did you get it?

Originally, I was going to do something food-related because I’m a huge foodie and something about the food industry piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any good data sets to go along with it, so I went for video games, specifically Nintendo. I was curious how they chose what kinds of games they chose to make, and ultimately what makes a “good” Nintendo game, and if longer games were better. Here is the data for sales and here is the data for how long it took to beat the games.

What kind of graphs did you made?

I made several versions of the graphs in the final version.

An unused line graph for the Sales of Nintendo around the world

The above is a cool graph but as you can see, it’s hard to read. So it didn’t make the cut. I decided on a hot pink theme because when I researched “gamer aesthetic” it’s hot pink and I chose a color palette to have colors to go with that.

A bar graph showing sales by year in North America

For the above, I tried to narrow it down to North America hoping my data wouldn’t be so large. I was wrong, and it’s still difficult to read.

Early version for time to beat a Nintendo game

The above is close as it tells you the overall time and tells you what most of the peaks are but still not quite there. You as a viewer, probably care about all the peaks, since you probably like video games, but the bars are still super close together and it looks congested overall.

Did you make any cool conclusions?

Final Result

Final Thoughts:

Honestly, my data visualization class was super fun even if it took me quite awhile to do the assignments. It’s a good mixture of data, logic, and creativity which is amazing.

Thank you for reading Data Visualization for a Midterm & Final Project, I appreciate it. Comment below if any of the results surprised you. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another videogame-related presentation, click here.

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