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Hello, people who may or may not want to hear about my Learn Bot final project, this is for you. Check out what my team and I did for a final project!

What problem does the Learn Bot solve?

We wanted to create a technology that would inform the user of their learning style and give them study methods that adhere to their specific learning styles. We made a web page that presented our research and pseudo-showed your results in a pie chart and a 10 question quiz. Our quiz feels like a personality test. Based on the user’s answers to the test, we can assign point values to each learning style. This quantifies the data and helps us rank your learning styles vs telling the user they are one XYZ learning style.

What are the seven learning styles?

  1. Visual = you prefer using pictures images and learns by observing and watching.
  2. Aural = you prefer using sound and music and learn by listening and hearing lectures.
  3. Verbal = you prefer using words in both speech and writing and loves role-playing.
  4. Physical = you prefer using the body, hands, and sense of touch to learn.
  5. Logical = you prefer using reason, logic, and recognize patterns easily.
  6. Social = you prefer to learn within a group and is usually a good communicator.
  7. Solitary = you prefer to learn and work alone and shows independent play.

Applications of the Learn Bot:

  • Students can learn how to study more efficiently to get better grades
  • Teachers can use it to match up people for group projects

Want to take the Learn Bot quiz?


<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfuvlIsyB7XB2C1Hp0TDRLxSdMYxQJgX4FlrSu6Q1kW0TiNeg/viewform?embedded=true" width="700" height="520" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading…</iframe>

Learn Bot Results:

Question 1: Rank on a scale from 1-5 how much you like group projects or study groups: 1 = “Heck no”. 2 = “I will if I have to or every once in a while but generally no”. 3 = “I like both”. 4 = “I can work alone but I don’t prefer to”. 5 = “I love them!”

  • 1 (Heck no) – (+1 pt to solitary)
  • 2 (I will if I have to or every once in a while but generally no) – 0.5pt to solitary
  • 3 (I like both) – (0 points)
  • 4 (I can work alone but I don’t prefer to) – 0.5 pt to social
  • 5 (I love them!) – (+1 pt to social)

Question 2: What are your favorite kinds of classes? (you can choose multiple)

  • STEM: Science, technology, engineering, math (+1 logical, +0.5 social)
  • Physical education = dance/sports (+1 physical)
  • Foreign language (+1 verbal, 0.5 aural)
  • English (+1 logical, +0.5 solitary)
  • Art (+1 visual, +0.5 physical)  
  • Theater (+1 verbal, +1 social, + 0.5 physical)
  • Music = choir/orchestra/band (+1 aural +1 logical)

Question 3: Pick your favorite part about reading a book:

  • I don’t like reading (+1 physical)
  • Audiobooks are the future. I can take them anywhere (+1 aural)
  • Analyzing the story to try to guess what’s going to happen next (+1 logical)
  • Book club, it keeps me accountable and I love sharing what I thought about XYZ part (+1 social)
  • The me-time (+1 solitary)
  • Mentally emerging myself into the work of fiction. Like I’m also apart of the story and expanding my vocabulary. (+1 verbal)
  •  Daydreaming about what I’m reading (+1 visual)

Question 4: If you had free money to spend, which of the following would you spend it on?

  • music (+1 aural)
  • notebooks (+1 verbal)
  • movies (+1 visual)
  • workout equipment (+1 physical)
  • puzzles (+1 logical)
  • an experience to share with my friends/significant other (+1 social)
  • bath salts or bath bomb for a nice relaxing night in (+1 solitary)

Question 5: If you were on vacation right now, which of the following would you like to do?

  • making new friends over drinks (+1 social, +1 verbal)
  • hiking, snorkeling, etc (+1 physical)
  • people watching or sightseeing (+1 visual)
  • finding some live music or local show (+1 aural)
  • sunbathing or relaxing (+1 solitary)
  • visit a museum to learn something new (+1 logical)

Question 6: Pick your favorite board game from this list:

  • Secret Hitler (+1 logical, +0.5 verbal)
  • Cards Against Humanity/ (+1 verbal, +0.5 aural/social)  
  • Pictionary (+1 visual, +0.5 physical)
  • Twister (+1 physical, +0.5 aural)
  • Solitaire (+1 solitary, +0.5 logical)
  •  Speak out (+1 aural, +0.5 social)
  • Taboo (+1 social, +0.5 aural)

Question 7: What do you want to be known for?

  • looks (+1 visual)
  • actions (+1 physical)
  • words (+1 verbal)
  • listening skills (+1 aural)
  • ability to rationalize a situation (+1 logical)
  • ability to make friends easily or surround yourself with good people (+1 social)
  • independence (+1 solitary)

Question 8: What would be the worst out of these?

  • being misunderstood and becoming a social outcast (+1 social)
  • being too dependent on others (+1 social)
  • drowning in your feelings (+1 logical)
  • not being allowed to move (+1 physical)
  • forced to be silent for an extended period of time (+1 verbal)
  • becoming deaf overnight (+1 aural)
  • becoming blind overnight (+1 visual)

Question 9: Least attractive quality in a significant other:

  • can’t communicate (+1 aural, 0.5 social)
  • emotionally unstable (+1 logical)
  • no physical touch (+1 physical)
  • doesn’t listen (+1 verbal)
  • doesn’t make good decisions (+1 visual, +0.5 logical)
  • spends too much time with you (+1 solitary)

Question 10: Pick the best superpower out of all of these:

  • superintelligence (+1 logical)
  • superstrength (+1 physical)
  • super charisma (+1 social)
  • superhearing (+1 aural)
  • X-ray vision (+1 visual)
  • shapeshifting (+1 verbal)
  • invisibility (+1 solitary)

Final Thoughts:

Above all, this project was fun to work on. My team and I worked pretty hard on it. Thank you to my team members for letting me talk about it on my blog and thank you for reading about my interesting learn bot. Comment below your quiz results, and if you like my content, check this out!

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