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Adventures of Will & Kat: Dedication & Author’s Note

This book’s dedication is to many people but first and foremost to my mom who read the first draft and my friend who let me read the story aloud to her and gave me the idea to make an audio book. Thank you both for your support, I appreciate you both <3..  Also,–in all technicalities–to my first ex. When he broke up with me, I wrote the love story I wanted to read. The one that is a little cheesy but ultimately ends in happily ever after. I wanted a love story where the princess is not always the damsel…

Adventures of Will & Kat: A New Monarch

Dear reader,  My name is Will. I have been tasked to take care of Princess Kathrine. This has been my sole task since I was a young lad and her a young lass. I ultimately failed. It’s been a few years since I’ve written, sorry. Some of it was partly because I was in jail for three months, six hours, 20 minutes, and 23 seconds with no pen or paper, but who’s counting? Certainly not me while I waited for news from a monarch. The other part was how busy it got after I was released.