The Magna Carta

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Hello people, who may or may not be invested in my Your Majesty series, this is for you. Check out what I have to say on the Magna Carta!

What is the Magna Carta?

In this context, the Magna Carta is your ethics, your morals. In this section I’ll cover some things like ethics/morals you should decide for yourself, internal affairs (how to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally), and foreign affairs/diplomacy (how to deal with other people).

Ethics and Morals you Should Decide for Yourself

  1. Are you going to practice religion, if so which one? If yes, get to know the source material it is based on.
  2. Are you going to college? If so, what major? Where?
  3. Are you going to curse, cheat, or lie?
  4. How are you going to dress?
  5. What kind of characters will you surround yourself with?
  6. How are you going to treat those around you?
  7. What do you value?
  8. How will you deal with stress?
  9. How will you handle your responsibilities?
  10. Most importantly, who do you want to be?

Internal Affairs:

Taking care of yourself: physically.

Find something that gets your body moving and do it every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking around the block or stretching or running. It’s good for you, especially if you are trying to get fit. If you don’t like to exercise, keep trying, I’m sure you’ll find something you like or try adding music.

Some exercises to try:
  • walking/jogging/running
  • weights
  • yoga
  • swimming
  • biking
  • hiking
  • gymnastics
  • soccer/football/hockey/kickball/dodgeball
  • racquetball
  • rock climbing
  • dance (tap/ballet/hip hop/country line dancing/swing/Latin)

Taking care of yourself: emotionally.

Schedule social breaks to talk to people. It can be your mom or your best friends but talking to people is good for you. Even if you are the most introverted person. It builds the relationship with that person as well as your communication skills.

Taking care of yourself: mentally.

Find an activity that can clear your mind and allow yourself to reset. It can be meditation or coloring or prayer. I find it relaxing to let the noise of the day out of my mind.

Video to one of my favorites below:
One of my favorite meditations

Foreign Affairs

  • What to do if someone’s being annoying?
    • I encourage you to be patient. If you can pinpoint a specific quality, I would voice it to this person and be like, “Hey, I don’t appreciate it when you do —-. Can you stop?”. It should be that simple but if they continue after that, I would try to put some distance between you and this person.
  • Is it possible to change/save other people?
    • Directly? No, absolutely not. You can be a positive influence in other people’s lives but someone has to want to change to do so. Hear this: it is not your job to fix other people. No matter how much you care about them.
  • What do I do if I’m worried about my friend’s mental health?
    • Encourage them to go to therapy! You can be someone they can vent to but you are not a professional. If therapy sounds scary to them you can reassure them that therapy is fun, you won’t think less of them, and (if you are comfortable) you could offer to go with them.

Serious note:

If you are worried they are going to commit suicide, there is something you can do but please note that this is not a joke. It’s called a police wellness check. You call the police, ask if you can request a police wellness check, answer the questions they ask you (where do they live, what do they look like, why do you think they need one), the police go to their place of residence and check in on them. You can be anonymous but they will ask for your information in case they want to follow up. More information here.

Above all else, be your own cheerleader.

In a culture that strives to tear you down, I encourage you to build yourself up. Be kind to yourself and show yourself some love. Focus on your strengths and what you can do versus what you can’t do. One way I like to do this is through affirmations.

Affirmations just for you!

Thank you for reading the Magna Carta. Comment below a time your favorite activity to stay fit or if y’all would like to hear some of mine. See you in the next post!

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