Carmen Sandiego: Where in the World Has This Been All My Life?

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I put Carmen Sandiego on my list of stuff to watch because a friend said I’d like it. She was right. 

Carmen Sandiego Season 1

What is Carmen Sandiego Season 1 about?

This season does 2 things: sets up the premise, and gives us introductions to all our main characters. In the first two episodes, you learn all about Carmen’s backstory. From there, each episode is thwarting VILE’s plans coming across main villains like Tigress, Le Chevre, etc. The biggest question: who found Carmen and did she pass the test or was it doomed from the start?

Is Carmen Sandiego ok for kids?

Note: You can watch this with kids or not, but you should know that it has a semi-overarching story so if your kiddos have a short attention span, this may not be the show for them.  

Things I liked about Carmen Sandiego:

  • It’s very informative while still being a good show. Some kids tv shows shove educational content down your throat and I’m happy to say this show doesn’t really do that. 
  • Good vs evil and (almost) everyone is a thief. 
  • Color motifs!!
  • Carmen has to face off with everyone she has ever known from her old life
  • Carmen gets to go all over the world
  • Beautiful animation style
  • Carmen’s background is exposition but not the kind that I feel is shoved down my throat
  • There are violence and horrifying things that happen in the show if you think about it but a kid wouldn’t find it horrifying
  • The siblings from Boston are great
  • Ongoing joke that detective Chase is a big failure
  • Julia is great and I love her and I wish SOMEONE (Chase) would listen to her for once
  • Some students have cool parallels with the profs at VILE
  • Cookie
  • Twist in the season finale

Things I disliked:

  • Chase is annoying. 
  • No trauma from facing off with (basically) your family/siblings?
  • No date for Carmen? 

Carmen Sandiego Season 2

What’s new in Carmen Sandiego s2?

We visit new places in the show. There’s Rio, Milan, Dubai, New Zealand, Botswana, and Japan. We get some backstory on Shadow-san and the Boston sibling duo which is amazing. VILE is desperately trying to replace the professor they lost. Paper-star is back alongside a new VILE villain. Carmen’s origins are explored even more. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll stop there.

What I liked:

  • Carmen and Shadow-san’s working dynamic
  • Graham is back! He doesn’t remember anything but he’s back.
  • Chase gets some much-needed character development
  • Julia is being listened to a little and respected! (Finally!!!)
  • Ivy takes on Carmen’s persona for a second and it’s cool to see her in the spotlight for a second but then have the humility to later reject the persona.
  • Ivy and Zach’s background actually makes sense in terms of the skills they bring to the team
  • Shadow-san has a brother?!
  • Dragon duck swap. That’s all I’m going to say
  • Shadow-san was supposed to do WHAT until he found Carmen?
  • Chief is more involved in Carmen and VILE than we first thought and it’s awesome but I’m concerned.

What could have been better:

I wish Netflix would make the seasons a little longer than 10 episodes. I want to consume this amazing series in its entirety. Carmen Sandiego s2 is a great addition to s1. The show is educational and fun but also has some pretty dark things happen if you think about it. On the flip side, I like the 10 episodes because there are no filler episodes so I don’t feel like my time is being wasted. I feel conflicted…

Final Thoughts For Season 2

Thank you for reading my Carmen Sandiego s2 review! Season 2 is a solid 10/10 and I can’t wait for more of it to come out. See you in the next post!

Carmen Sandiego Season 3

Comments by episode for Carmen Sandiego, spoilers ahead!

1st EP

  • Intro to spin kick and flytrap, our new Vile grads
  • Started strong on vile pursuing carmen while she tries to learn more about her past 
  • Chase Diveneaux is back and still annoying
  • Thank you for showing Carmen’s mom in the original Carmen Sandiego outfit. Although I’m not sure if that’s foreshadowing or reference it’s awesome
  •  Lupe is great
  • Brunt getting her butt kicked is everything I ever wanted since she almost killed Carmen

2nd Ep

  • Halloween costumes are great
  • Frida!She’s such an icon, I feel bad for not knowing a whole lot about her.
  • Definitely not inconspicuous talking out loud to herself
  • Jules transfers out?? But she’s the best agent they have!
  • Will Sonia gonna join Team Carm?

3rd EP

  • Chase vs Zak is a fight I want to see. My money is on Zak, especially if vehicles are involved.
  • This episode serves as the Troll’s intro and I have to say, not the biggest fan.
  • Tigress and Paperstar as a tag team?? Epic!
  • Carmen’s Halloween costume 😍😍

4th EP

  • Chase’s new partner is Zhai, this should be interesting. She may provide the structure he needs to be a successful agent
  • Mime bomb and Neal the Eel (from last season) are here and they make a pretty good team
  • Shadowsan’s bro is here. This is going to go well.😭
  • Mime’s face reveal is everything I didn’t want 
  • Brosan is awesome. I’m thankful the two brothers were able to finally speak.💜💜

5th EP

  • El Topo and Le Chevre, I missed these two. I think if any of team Vile comes to Team Carm next, it’ll be these two.
  • Maybe we can see Vile vs The Troll?
  • Chase…save Carmen? Oh man, maybe Chase will see some character development yet.
  • Fencer vs mafia who will win 
  • Nigel is gone…. nevermind.
  • Graham is coming back!! I can’t wait, he’s my favorite character for his electrifying personality. 😍😍

Final Thoughts for season 3:

Honestly, it feels like only half a season so marketing executives could be like “Halloween? Here, have some Carmen Sandiego.” We ended up no closer on any front and it’s disappointing. I wouldn’t mind waiting for more episodes if it was a whole season, not just 5 more episodes and by the end, we actually saw development for one of the storylines.

Carmen Sandiego Season 4

Comments while watching the end of the show

Ep 1

  • Gotta show how terrifying this show actually is
  • I love the classical style music in the background of the fight scene 
  • Cringey Boston tea party joke🤣
  • Graham, don’t bring carmen into this
  • Using disguises and makeup is what they should have been doing 
  • That’s a cool weapon 
  • Graham wants a date not coffee with the head of acme
  • Time for shadow san to be out of commission 
  • Graham is the missing link but unfortunately doesn’t remember 


  • Robot baddie! Yes, please 
  • Shadow san is like please don’t leave me with the idiot. *Gets left with idiot*
  • Chocolate is my one true weakness too Ivy
  • Vile you are sloppy with those hospital records
  • Player’s Canadian. Of course, he is. 
  • If I had to watch a fast and furious rip-off movie series my favorite would be the end too shadow san. 
  • Is zack going to be the new Ron Stoppable 
  • Graham 🥺🥺
  • Ivy delivering the finishing blow? Nice!


  • Are we going to have a reformed Graham? 
  • Is Player going to be found out 
  • Perfect
  • Couldn’t Player just text Carmen
  • Ew it’s Troll
  • Are you telling me Vile doesn’t have more than one kind of roundabout agent?
  • Shadow San is amazing if he can defend while injured
  • Nooo please don’t take him

Ep4: half way through the end

  • Devineaux is less annoying this season which is a plus
  • Who are you? Brian W Foster from critical role 
  • Don’t take the second chance 
  • Jules!!!!! Yesssss
  • “Is she bad or good?” Have you heard of an anti-hero?
  • I missed Player
  • Omggg the bug infestation 🤣🤣
  • It’s all coming back to him now🎶
  • Your infamous weapon?
  • Good thing we introduced the ninja point pinch
  • We were so close to a reformed Grey 😭
  • Carmen’s first kill and it’s a robot


  • Props to the show for the deep lore on Vile
  • Awww they are so cute
  • Viking warrior princess? Heck yes!!
  • No pt for shadow san? Dang
  • What a cool hideout
  • Zac🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • Brunt scares me, definitely not someone to be taken lightly 
  • Shadow san please don’t die
  • I can’t believe Brunt survived
  • He was totally going to leave her


  • Aw Jules, I love you working with Carmen 
  • You might need to bring Jules to your warehouse 
  • Oo are Devineaux and Carmen going to be working together 
  • Calling in sick to Acme is the lamest excuse 
  • Is Acme going to solve Carmen’s mom’s mystery 
  • Devineaux finally putting together vile people 🤣🤣
  • Carm has not been winning this season
  • Unfortunately, Carm can’t stick around either 
  • Devineaux stepping back to let Jules take the spotlight? Character development!!
  • Good delegation Carmen 
  • It wouldn’t be Carmen Sandiego without a vile kidnapping 


  • Awww Jules😍
  • Nooooo
  • And guess who will be the new operative
  • And this is what we call 3rd-person irony
  • So you tell Grey the truth but Carmen a lie…nm
  • Dang it Acme the only competent person in team Carmen is gone
  • It’s fun but hard to watch Carm
  • Holyyyy guacamole 
  • Her Russian dolls were foreshadowing this entire time?? 
  • Ohh nooo
  • Really setting up Shadow san vs Carmen


  • Don’t give mamma bear a hug
  • You can’t lie about what you don’t know 
  • My boyyy coming through 
  • Aww they both miss Carm
  • I want Grey part of Carmen’s life🥺
  • Yesss they have a happy ending 
  • You’re just going to leave the twins? 
  • Lydia is dolled up
  • Sad this is the last season but a good ending nonetheless 

Final Thoughts for the end:

Honestly, I wish it wasn’t over, I wish this was not the end. Carmen Sandiego was educational, but it also had a compelling premise. You never knew what artifacts VILE would be after next. I genuinely loved every aspect of this show. Thank you for reading “Carmen Sandiego”, I appreciate it. Comment below who your favorite Carmen Sandiego character is. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want another review, click here.

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