Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: 1920’s Detective

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Hello people, who may or may not like the 1920’s and lady detectives, this review is for you. Check out my take on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!

Minor spoilers ahead!!


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian show about a lady detective. It’s a classic as far as detective shows go because most of the episodes deal with murder. That being said, this isn’t like Scooby-Doo or Clue.

How did I find Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries?

It came up on my Netflix recommendations. My mom and I were able to watch it together which is quite a momentous occasion.

Is it ok for kids?

I would say this show isn’t meant for children.

The background music is the theme song

Things I liked:

  • Unique murder weapons and culprits.
  • Dottie and Hugh’s relationship is so adorable.
  • Miss Fisher and Dottie’s relationship
  • Miss Fisher’s name is awesome. It’s definitely not a common name.
  • That Miss Fisher is both feminine and bada## at the same time
  • How Miss Fisher gathers her posse
  • Dottie’s progression through the series. She goes from fearing electricity to becoming a bada## in her own right.
  • The rivalry between Jack and Phryne
  • The theme song is awesome. It fits a show set in the 1920s perfectly.

Things I disliked:

  • There are only 3 seasons
  • Netflix probably won’t update the show for a hot minute even if they do make more.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I give this show a 10/10 and as someone who loves detective shows that’s saying something. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you should if this sounds like your jam. Anyway, happy watching! Thank you for reading my take on “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite murder mystery show. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here

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