New Girl…And They Were Roommates!

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Hello people, who may or may not like quirky characters, this review is for you. Check out my take on New Girl!

Background & A Lil Plot:

It is my roommate’s fault that I started watching New Girl and I can’t thank her enough for showing me this show. New Girl is a funny show and I think it portrays a group of friends growing up and becoming adults and who they are as people really well. I see both myself and my friends in these characters as we are all struggling to find our place in the world. There is romance too if you’re into that.


New Girl features a wide cast. You have Jessica Day, the cute school teacher as the main character. Schmidt is everyone’s favorite perfectionist of the loft. His foil is Nick Miller. Winston Bishop is kind of the static character of the show. He changes but not really. All of these people are great friends and live together which causes some shenanigans all on its own because of their contrasting personalities. Cece is Jess’ best friend and a consistent recurring character of the series. She’s fun and mischievous. Cece and Winston get along well.

Spoiler warning!!!!!

Things I liked about New Girl:

  • The humor
  • Cece and Schmidt’s relationship/marriage
  • Winston and Ally’s relationship/marriage
  • Jess in general, I think Jess and I would be best friends in real life
  • The struggles of dating depicted in the show
  • The struggles of roommates/friendships depicted in the show
  • The theme song

Things I disliked:

  • The entirety of season 7. It was just so unnecessary. I wanted to be able to imagine what would have happened after the season six finale.
  • Nick and Jess’ relationship. The first time it didn’t work and then the second time I don’t think either one of them grew enough as characters for me to justify me liking them back together.
  • I don’t love the progression of Dr. Sam or Robby or really any of the people Jess dates. They just seem to come, date for a few episodes, and then go away for various reasons. They all just feel in the way and like the writers just introduce them to get rid of them. (I personally would have hit up Ryan or Dr. Sam before Jess cheats on him.)

Overall, I give this show an 8/10. Thank you for reading my take on “New Girl”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite character. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here

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